Mirrors have been used in home decor for centuries. They’re practical items for viewing your own reflection as well as being an attractive piece of wall decor in their own right. With our carefully selected range, we want to inspire you whilst making it easy to find a mirror that’s perfect for your home.

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    Artlink Round Mirror Modern Black 41 cm Ø

    Round Mirror Modern Black 41 cm Ø

    17 in stock online
    Manufacturer: Artlink
    This product will be discontinued when sold out
    Open 51055025 in admin

    Mirror with 8 mm deep metal frame and elegant chain detail

    €34.90 €65.95
    Artlink Round Mirror Modern Black 51 cm Ø

    Round Mirror Modern Black 51 cm Ø

    3 in stock online
    Manufacturer: Artlink
    This product will be discontinued when sold out
    Open 51055027 in admin

    Mirror with 8 mm deep metal frame and elegant chain detail

    €47.95 €89.95
    KAILA KAILA Mirror Abstract - Gold 50x50 cm

    KAILA Mirror Abstract - Gold 50x50 cm

    26 in stock online
    Manufacturer: KAILA
    This product will be discontinued when sold out
    Open 51047660 in admin

    Elegant, abstract gold wall mirror, from Swedish brand KAILA

    €34.90 €55.95
    Artlink Mirror Wavy Cloud 40x80 cm

    Mirror Wavy Cloud 40x80 cm

    Asymmetric frameless mirror with thin mirror glass

    €39.95 €49.95
    Artlink Round Mirror Modern Gold 41 cm Ø

    Round Mirror Modern Gold 41 cm Ø

    Mirror with 8 mm deep metal frame and elegant chain detail

    €32.90 €65.95
    Showing 1 - 100 of 596 products

    Mirrors - Lots of ready-made & made to order

    You will find a wide range of beautiful quality mirrors for any purpose in our range. Besides ready-made mirrors you'll also find mirrors made to order in a variety of different models. We guarantee you will find a model that suits your particular home and your specific needs amongst our examples. Click on each category to find your favourite mirror among more than 200 made to order models and more than 500 ready-made mirrors!

    We all know how important mirrors are. Most of us use them every day, maybe even several times a day. There is no doubt that we need at least one mirror in our home. But what makes the perfect mirror is something we all have different opinions about. It depends on what you like - and what you believe is practical. Some prefer very simple, aesthetic mirrors that do not attract too much attention while others like mirrors with lavish, spectacular golden frames. Some prefer inspiring colourful frames and others prefer classic black or white. We obviously also have designs with beautifully patterned frames for anyone who is into the baroque or rococo styles.

    What type of mirror is right for your home? Sometimes it can be difficult to know what you really are looking for. There is so much to choose from! But it actually doesn't have to be that hard. Start by taking a really good look around in your home and try to work out where you need a mirror. Consider what size would be best. Are you looking for a full-length mirror or a smaller version? When you know roughly what you want, the next step is to ensure you match the mirror to the interior design style in that particular room.

    If you have a contemporary no-frills interior, it can be awesome with a simple frame in colours such as black, grey or silver. If you have a country or shabby chic style, then a white, partly-worn frame with a charming and aged look may be better. And then, a mirror with a golden frame will be amazing together with pastel colours and a range of gold-coloured furniture or decorations.

    One mirror for each room

    In any home we find mirrors of all possible designs. We use them when we clean our teeth, put on make-up or when we shave. And, obviously also to do the last check before we leave home to ensure we look our best. The mirror has a function that we take for granted, but the right mirror also contributes to a stylish and homely interior. You can even magically bring light to a dark corner or create a sense of space in a small room with a carefully selected wall mirror. Place a mirror so that it reflects light from a window to brighten up an otherwise dark surface. Hang a large mirror on the wall in a small room to create an impression that the room is bigger than it actually is. With mirrors you can create small wonders in a variety of ways!

    Mirrors can help you change the ambience in your rooms considerably and create a wonderful sense of cosiness. In the bathroom, why not remove the awful standard mirror model that was there when you moved in and replace it with a more unique version. This way, it is easy to match your favourite soap dispenser, towels and shower curtain and you have created a personally designed interior in a flash. Keep in mind that a neat and thin mirror lifts the wall instead of weighing it down, which is especially important in a smaller room (as bathrooms often are).

    Perfect for the hallway is a hallway mirror and that's just what you need if you like to check out your outfit before heading out on town. Consider which format suits best for where you intend to place the mirror – a narrow hallway mirror, an oval or a wider rectangular model? If you wear make-up, why not create a cosy corner using just a desk and a mirror with lights. You can choose a mirror with a decorative rectangular frame, or why not a beautiful round mirror. Remember to also install good lighting for when you need to see every little detail.

    The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a mirror is that it must suit your home and your personality. We all have different needs and preferences. Don't be afraid to be bold. We all have different tastes and needs. The important thing is the impression you get when you see the mirror!

    Picking the right mirror

    The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a mirror is that it must suit your home and your individual style. We all have different tastes and needs. It is the impression you get when you look at the mirror that's important and don't be afraid to pick something different. Don't hesitate to choose a mirror that makes somewhat of a statement, although it's also important to trust your gut feeling. After all, it must look good in your home.

    The mirror fills a function that we often take for granted, but the right mirror also contributes to a stylish and cosy interior. You can even magically bring light to an otherwise dark corner or create a sense of space in a small room. You can, for example, place a beautiful mirror in a way so that it reflects light from a window to illuminate an otherwise dark surface.

    Find a really awesome mirror for your home in our large assortment! We have a wide and wonderful collection of mirrors. Perhaps the best range in the market. We have everything from hallway mirrors to bathroom mirrors, table mirrors, wall mirrors and small size make-up mirrors. The mirrors come in a number of different sizes and designs so you can easily find one that suits you. It's always good to have a mirror that fills a practical function, but it is also important that it adds a special effect to your home decor. Therefore, it's critical that you choose a wall mirror, bathroom mirror, hallway mirror or make-up mirror that you feel absolutely comfortable with.

    Whatever you are looking for, you can be sure to find it in our store. We offer a carefully selected range of mirrors for all homes and tastes. We also have made to order mirrors for anyone who needs that extra flexibility when you add mirrors to you home decor. Find your favourite mirror today!


    The largest mirror selection in the Nordic region

    We have over 500 different ready-make mirrors and over 200 that can be made to order. In fact, we have the largest selection in the Nordic region! Our ready-made mirrors are just waiting in the warehouse while the made to order mirrors will be manufactured as soon as we receive your order. The most exclusive designs that we don't have in stock already are ordered from Italy. Our goal is that you should be able to buy all mirrors you possibly may need from our store, whether small simple mirrors for the bedroom, full length mirrors for the hallway or table mirrors as stylish interior details to match the rest of your decor.

    We offer mirrors with lovely patterns in the most stylish colours. Whether you are looking for a mirror to your home, your restaurant or your workplace, we can guarantee that you will find a mirror that suits you. With our large selection of mirrors, you can create a new stunning atmosphere in each room of your house and make it a really cosy home.

    So, which mirrors are most popular among our customers? Here are some suggestions!

    Black and white mirrors

    First, we obviously have the no-frills models in black and white, which always work regardless of the interior style. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the safe option when it comes to the basic elements of the interior. It's not a bad idea to choose neutral tones for walls, floors, skirting boards, picture frames and mirrors. That way, it's easy to create your individual style by adding other interior ornaments such as candle holders, decorative cushions, rugs, curtains, carpets and plants.

    Black or white mirrors are also really great when matched up with stunning black and white patterns. Why not choose some textiles with black and white graphic motifs? 

    The two mirrors in the picture are different variants of the same mirror model. The model and the colours are perfect for anyone who appreciate beautiful simplistic designs. The frame is made of wood and painted in an opaque colour that, to some extent, obscures the texture of the wood.  

    Silver and gold mirrors

    Spegel i guld mot en mönstrad bakgrundLet's move on to silver and gold coloured models. Silver and gold adds a sense of luxury to your walls. A silver mirror goes perfectly with black, white and grey. If you want to add colour, then purple, pink or green works really well with the cool shade of silver.

    Gold mirrors look really charming matched up with interior details in black, white and various pastel colours. To complete the picture, add some candle holders or other ornaments in the same golden colour.

    Our gold and silver mirrors are often purchased together with the same style picture frames. The combination looks really elegant and the wall seems complete and well balanced. As made to order is an option, you will have no problems finding models that match each other very well.

    The lovely design in the picture has a pearl pattern that runs along the entire frame and it is available both as a mirror and as a picture frame for your photos and images. Here it is matched with pastel colours, ornaments in gold and lovely pink patterns. The whole combination is really eye-catching!

    As you can see, the mirror together with the flowers, the perfume bottle and the small ceramic box create a cosy still life image. The mirror is thus used as decoration rather than for its usual function. Below you can read more about how you can use mirrors in various creative ways.

    Mirrors in different types of wood

    Our wooden mirrors are very popular. In the picture below, you can see a mirror in oak wood, one that is stained in white and another in polished mahogany with worn details. Furniture in natural wood creates a warm organic feeling and the individual design can bring the style in various directions. The oak mirror, for example, takes us to retro, while the one with a white frame suits a minimalistic interior. The mahogany mirror works perfectly with colourful decorations such as you find in a bohemian styled home.

    Use the mirror for other purposes than to check out your looks

    An elegant gold-coloured mirror used as a trayIf you follow your imagination then you can actually use mirrors for a variety of fun purposes. You can, for example, add a mirror as an element of a picture wall! Imagine a picture wall where you mix images with various wall decorations and one or more small mirrors. It is important to create an attractive arrangement for the entire picture wall before you get started with this project. Do you want a symmetrical grouping or a more unstructured one? The result will be a really cool feature and you can be sure to get positive feedback when you have friends or family over for a visit.

    A small mirror can also be used as a stunning tray. You can also place a mirror with a beautifully patterned frame on the dresser in the bathroom and put perfume bottles, make-up and other things on it. You will get a particular effect if you choose boxes, bottles and things that capture the tones of the mirror frame.

    In the picture, the gold-framed mirror from above has been used as a tray rather than being placed on the wall. Notice how the gold is repeated in the perfume bottles, jewellery and boxes.