Picture frame workshop - Bespoke picture frames

If you have a picture with unusual measurements and are having difficulty finding suitable picture frames among the standard sizes, it's not a problem. Here, you can quickly and smoothly order a bespoke picture frame.

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Elevate your picture with a stylish custom-made picture frame

Ordering a custom picture frame is a perfect option for those who want to frame a picture in an unusual shape or size! Many outstanding pictures don't follow standard dimensions and therefore don't fit in standard frames. Maybe you like taking panoramic pictures? Or you take square-shaped photos with film? That doesn't mean you have to give up hope of getting your photos framed! The solution is a custom-made picture frame. We at BGA have our very own frame workshop that manufactures beautiful picture frames to order. You can order picture frames entirely according to your own measurements. We strive to get exactly what you want in the frame, and we always keep in mind that not only the product but also the price should be just right for you as a customer. We also have a large selection of ready-made large frames.

When you order your special frame, there's a large number of different types of stylish frames to choose from. In our range, there's something for all interior design tastes and rooms in the home. Want an ostentatious golden picture frame for your poster or print? Or would sober black or trendy white look better in this particular context? Maybe you prefer a simple glossy varnished brown wooden frame, a frame that doesn't draw attention to itself but rather allows the viewer to really immerse themself in the picture? All our frames are of high quality. Whatever your preferences and desires when it comes to picture frames, we probably have exactly what you're looking for. Why not browse our huge selection of high-quality picture frames that can be custom-made and look for the one that best suits you, your picture and your room? We also recommend looking at our standard range of photo frames, as we often have something that already fits your image already there.

Custom-made frames with glass – or without

When you buy a custom picture frame, there are different glasses to choose from, so it's good to know the primary properties and advantages of each of the different options. This allows you to select the option that best suits the picture and/or the place where you want to hang the frame.

Custom-made frames with float glass
Float glass is our standard glass for custom-made frames and is a glass with a smoother surface and slightly better light properties than ordinary glass. Float glass also has 40-45% UV protection.

Custom-made frames with plexiglass
Plexiglass is a type of transparent acrylic plastic that's much lighter and more durable than ordinary glass. The perfect option when you want to reduce the weight of your finished frame, or for frames that are to be hung in the kids' room or other spaces in which you're looking for something a bit more durable.

Custom-made frames with anti-reflective glass
Anti-reflective glass has been specially treated to reduce annoying reflections and make the subject of your picture appear clear and distinct, almost as if the glass were transparent. Anti-reflective glass also has good UV protection of as much as 70%. A good choice for pictures you especially love, or for frames that are to be hung in a place where there's a risk of a lot of reflection ruining the look.

Custom-made frames without glass
A frame without glass. When would anyone need that? Well, if you have a protruding object that doesn't fit behind glass, or a piece that's not intended to sit behind glass, such as a canvas painting, you can order a frame that's completely glass-free! The frame's back piece is included regardless.

How to order a frame to your specifications!

Ordering a custom frame from us is easy! When you've found a frame you like from our range of custom-made frames, just choose the type of glass you want and enter the height and width of the picture you want to frame. The price is calculated automatically as you do this, so you can see immediately how much your complete frame will cost. Then just add it to your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout. A few days later, and your pre-assembled custom-made frame will be delivered to your home!