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In the old days, oval picture frames were more popular than rectangular and square frames, since it was a lot more commonplace to frame pictures of family members or deceased relatives. For that reason, oval picture frames look extra good in old apartments with old-fashion detailing such as stucco, old wooden flooring and high ceilings.

The oval picture frame is a work of art in and of itself – and doesn't it look just stunning hung up on the wall? Our oval picture frames come in lots of different designs, sizes and colours. Choose the picture frame that suits your home perfectly.

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    Showing 28 products

    Oval picture frames in a variety of colours

    You will find many beautiful oval frames that can be used both in portrait and landscape format. Most of our oval picture frames can also be mounted on the wall. An oval picture frame adds a classic and elegant look to your home. Browse through our range and find a frame that goes well in your home or frame a print in a nice oval frame and give it to someone you love.

    An oval frame is perfectly suited for portrait photos but can also be used for many other types of images. Our oval picture frames come in several different colours, materials and designs, which we hope will make it easier for you to find that special picture frame you've been looking for. We also have frames in several different sizes in this category, which should allow you to find exactly what you are looking for.

    An oval picture frame has a very classic and stylish look and is super nice both standing on the shelf and hanging on the wall. Many of our picture frames can be displayed either in landscape or portrait format. For more information about each picture frame, just click on the one you like and more information will be displayed about its unique features. To make all our customers happy, we have put together a little of everything. That's why our range holds everything from simple classic picture frames to frames in both contemporary and antique styles.

    With an oval frame, your image is beautifully framed and enhanced a little extra. Oval picture frames are often associated with romance and elegance and therefore go perfectly well in a loving stylish home. They are also a perfect gift to someone who is really dear to you. What could be more wonderful than receiving a beautifully framed memory on your birthday? Take a closer look at our picture frames and find one you really like!