Table mirrors

Why have only wall mirrors when you could have table mirrors? A table mirror brings a breath of fresh air into your home, and we have a wide range of styles for you to choose from.

Will it be trendy and cool? Will it keep up with the times? Or perhaps it will be a table mirror reminiscent of a charmaid vanity mirror? Only you can decide!


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Table Mirrors

Table mirrors are a wonderful interior decor feature. Amongst our table mirrors you will find different kinds, such as trendy table mirrors, mirrors in retro style, stylish and classic versions. There is undoubtedly a table mirror to suit every taste, here with us. It is up to you to choose the one that suits you and your home best!

Our table mirrors come in several different shapes for you to choose from such as round, oval and rectangular. Perhaps you would like more than one table mirror in the same room? Maybe two on the same table? In this case it would be nice to have two different, slightly smaller table mirrors that complement each other nicely.

Table mirror - a cool interior decor detail

It is always nice to have good mirrors, and they are useful for so much more than just looking at your reflection. A mirror’s reflection also gives an amazing effect to the interior design of a room. So, if your room needs a bit of a lift, a table mirror or one of our other mirrors, may be the answer.

Depending on the style of your interior design, some of our table mirrors will look better in your home than others. Whichever one you choose, it will be of a high quality and highly attractive, so you can be sure that whichever one you choose, your home will have a little extra sparkle!

What should I consider when choosing a table mirror?

You should of course, first and foremost think about what kind of table mirror works well in the room you wish to place it in. Sometimes you find a mirror that you really like but you have difficulty placing, so then you need to make slight changes to your interior decor so that it fits better. You do not want to miss buying a mirror you like just because it is difficult to place, right?

Sometimes you can design your room based on one small detail that you like. Perhaps one of our nice table mirrors could end up being the springboard for a new interior in one of your rooms at home? You never know!

Where does a table mirror fit best?

If you have a nice table, cabinet or similar that has room for a table mirror, then that will be fine. Two stylish interior details that click with each other make a good setting for a nice home, so a lovely table mirror + a fine surface to set it on will make it look amazing!

There is no home that is not suitable for a table mirror, as this a type of mirror that looks great everywhere. So, you do not have to wonder if a table mirror will look good in your home. Just check out our range and choose the table mirror or table mirrors that you think will give your home that little something extra.

Classic or trendy?

This is one of the questions we often ask ourselves. Some of us are in complete control when it comes to planning our home's interior, whilst others are more uncertain. If you belong to the more insecure group, we think you should be a little bolder because in actual fact, a home should be personal to you. It does not have to look like an interior design magazine to make it look good!

Since our table mirrors are suitable for all different styles, you will surely find one that gives your home exactly what it is missing. Dare to think a little outside the box, and you will not regret it later. Having a home that you designed for yourself is always more fun, so think about it!