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Golden mirrors are a decorative detail that can improve any home. Our selection includes everything from simple variations to more retro-inspired and kitschy types – everything so that you can find exactly the right golden mirror for your home.

Do you want a small golden mirror? A medium? Maybe a really big one? You can find all sizes with us – take a look below and choose your favourite.

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    Showing 100 products

    Stylish gold mirrors in interior design

    Stylish gold mirrorMirrors look fantastic as decorative details and can freshen the look of a home quickly and effectively! With one of our high quality mirrors, your rooms will look stylish, with the potential to create interesting visual effects with reflections. Our gold mirrors suit any home, whether you are looking for something a little more aesthetic or something in a richer style.

    It's fun to introduce an eye-catching gold mirror to an otherwise aesthetic home. No matter what style you are looking for, you will find it in our range! In other words, you can find both simpler styles and more imposing ones. It's entirely up to you.

    Mix mirrors and picture frames

    Gold mirrors are perfect to mix with gold-coloured picture frames and you can find both in our wide assortment. It will of course look great with different gold details on one and the same wall. It also looks amazing to have gold mirrors and gold picture frames on a few or all walls in a room. Try it! You'll be happy with the look of it!

    When it comes to gold ornaments in general and gold mirrors in particular, they actually look amazing on any wall. If your home predominantly goes in white, then it's great to introduce a sparkle of gold and if your home is very colourful then gold still works very well.

    Mirrors are easy to move around, meaning that if the mirror you have bought doesn't really look good where you intended it to be placed, then it will undoubtedly look great in another spot! It is a good idea to move things around regularly and that way give your home a refreshed look every now and then!

    Step outside your comfort zone

    Do you generally go for black and white when it comes to interior design? Then we'd like to encourage you to venture outside your comfort zone and buy one of our gold mirrors, silver mirrors or eye-catching posters. Your home looks so much more interesting when you add a splash of colour. We feel very proud to be able to offer you exactly that!

    Go for a modern design, or perhaps one in vintage style. Whatever you choose, a cool mirror from our range is guaranteed to look amazing in you at home. Simply choose the one that suits you and your home the best and just go for it!