Black mirrors


Black mirrors are the obvious choice if you want a mirror which doesn't take over the whole room – they work everywhere, so you can put them in any room.

Do you want a thin frame? A luxurious leather frame? Maybe a thin and long black mirror? A square one? A black mirror with a striking, kitschy frame? You'll find it with us – we have something for all tastes and styles.

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    Showing 100 products

    Stylish black mirrors

    Large round black mirror in the hallwayMirrors are always fun and black mirrors are particularly great as they work well everywhere! Whether you are looking for a round, rectangular, square or other shape of mirror, it is an interior design detail that adds that extra oomph to all homes!

    Apart from black hanging mirrors we obviously also have floor mirrors! So, if you are looking for a black mirror, you're in the right place! We know everything about mirrors and we have a really awesome range so everyone can find their particular favourite. Among our black mirrors you'll find both classic models, modern and cool looking ones, vintage mirrors and more. There is, as we said, something for everyone here!

    Small changes make a big difference

    Adding mirrors is a smart way of refreshing your home. That way, you get a sense of something new and exciting, although you haven't had to spend a lot of money. Buying a couple of mirrors and a few picture frames from us can give a sense of a completely new ambiance at home. You almost get the impression the whole home has been renovated just by adding a few minor details!

    If you are looking to boost the interior atmosphere at home, let us suggest some of our black mirrors set in really cool frames. These mirror frames have a unique design and are definitely something different than an ”ordinary” mirror. With the right black mirror, you can really enhance the ambiance of a room, so keep that in mind! Choose one of the cooler mirrors for this purpose and then you can buy a simpler model if you are after a more modest effect in another room in your house.

    The great thing with picture frames and mirrors is that they come in lots of different models. Without a doubt, there is a picture frame and a mirror for everyone in our range. Whether you are looking for a modern and elegant style, something kitschy, perhaps vintage or any other style, you will for sure find something you like in our assortment.

    Perhaps you were planning to purchase a black mirror but then you've discovered our gold and silver mirrors, or maybe something completely different. If so, just follow your new found inspiration and buy what feels right for you!