Completed mounts

A nice mount transforms your photo into a lovely picture. Our mounts are always acid-free and high-quality. 

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Mounts in standard sizes

Using a mount with your picture makes a big difference! It gives the whole framing a more elegant and luxurious look. No matter whether you have a black and white photograph, a graphical poster or a colourful painting, a mount gives the picture greater depth, as well as ensuring that the subject is clearly in focus.

On this page, you can find our mounts in standard sizes. If you are looking for something else, or maybe even want a bespoke mount – click here to go to the main page!

A mount protects your image

Apart from the aesthetic aspect of a mount, it also has another advantage: it protects your image. By creating space between the image and the frame glass, a mount ensures that the picture does not get stuck to the glass.

Acid-free mounts – obviously!

All our mounts come from the reputable Canson brand, and they are all PH-neutral and acid-free, which helps protect your picture from aging.

Mount size

A mount has two important measurements that you should take note of to make sure it suits both your picture and your picture frame. The biggest measurement indicates the mount’s outer measurement, and should be the same size as the picture frame you are considering using. The smaller measurement indicates the mount’s inner measurement. To be sure that this measurement is right, it should be at least 1 centimetre less than your picture – otherwise there will be a gap.

Example: You have a picture with the measurements 10x15 cm, so you need a mount with the inner measurements 9x14 cm (1 cm less than your picture). To then find the right size of your picture frame, you should look for the mount’s biggest measurement (its outer measurement) – this is the measurement your picture frame should also have.

White mount – classic and popular!

White mounts are without a doubt the most popular. They are classic, timeless, and give your image an airy and exclusive feeling. In our range of ready-made mounts, you can find – apart from standard white mounts – mounts in other shades like off-white, cream, and chalk white. Different shades for different tastes!

Mounts in other colours

There are, of course, mounts in colours other than white! A black mount is also very striking, just like grey and the attractive shade of pearl-grey.

Mounts in other shapes

Apart from the classic mounts with straight lines, we also have mounts in different shapes. How about a mount with rounded corners, which creates a soft, oval opening for your picture? Or a mount with elegant, rolling lines, to give a little extra to your picture? Maybe even a romantic, heart-shaped mount for someone who is dear to you? We have mounts for everybody!