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You have your image, you have your picture frame – the picture is exactly how you want it. Let it receive the attention it deserves, by lighting it up with suitable picture lighting!

A good rule of thumb when you are choosing picture lighting is to choose lighting which matches the frame – for example, white lighting for a white frame. Choose between fluorescent and LED lamps, as well as the kind of mounting you prefer.

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    Showing 2 products

    Picture lights - fluorescent or LED

    Guldfärgad tavelram med matchande tavelbelysning

    Artwork is there to be appreciated and looked at! Use picture lights to enhance your artwork and highlight the piece. Here you will find our range of picture lights for artwork in a number of different sizes. A picture light creates a striking impression while emphasising the painting's subject and providing a pleasant ambience in a room. As a rule of thumb there should be at least five different light sources in a living room. Using picture lights means you provide for one or more of such light sources!

    Pick some of your absolute favourite artworks on your walls and add picture lights that are either neutral or matching to the picture frames. You will create the best look by choosing, for example, white picture lights for a white picture frame and so on. Keep in mind that different picture lights and their holders fit different dimensions of frame profiles.

    You will find both classic and LED picture lights in our range. Which type of picture lights you choose is of course entirely up to you. LED lights above the artwork creates a bright light in an elegant design. With a common fluorescent picture light you get a brightness that's comparable to a classic wall lamp. As mentioned above, a good rule of thumb is to have five different light sources in a medium-sized room, so if you choose picture lights for one or more artworks you have already sorted out a few of these light sources! You can create balance and harmony in the room by having picture lights on a piece of artwork above the sofa, at the desk, above a chest of drawers, by the bed or on a section of a wall that feels a bit dull or empty. However, do not hang them on the wall above the TV, as the light can be irritating to the eye when you're watching a film or TV show.

    Regardless if you have inherited a beautiful painting or if you have bought yourself a new stylish poster - with a picture light the artwork will be enhanced and the light will add to the ambience of the room. The important thing is that you choose a picture light that has the right dimensions for the picture frame itself. Have a look under each picture light product in our range and you will find guidelines relating to the picture frame they are meant for. If you are still unsure, please contact our customer service team and we will be more than happy to help you choose the right picture light.

    Match the picture light to the picture frame

    For a balanced holistic impression, we recommend you choose picture lights that matches the colours of the artwork. A colourful motif combined with a white picture frame and a black picture light will create a messy and unbalanced impression. It's better to go for a white picture light for a white picture frame, for example. When you match up the picture frame and the picture light you will enhance the artwork in an elegant and stylish way and it will not matter so much if the motif of the artwork is highly colourful.

    Are you unsure about which picture light to choose for a specific picture? Do not hesitate to contact our customer service team! We care about our customers and want everyone to be really happy and satisfied with their purchase.