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A standing mirror is always attractive and practical. Below, you'll find our range of standing mirrors – we have several different ones so you can find a suitable kind for you and your home. Will it be black? Or maybe you're more attracted to a big mirror with a wooden frame? Choose one which catches your eye and give your home a new and fresh look.

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    Showing 3 products

    Floor mirrors

    There are certain things we all have at home, no matter what type of home decoration or style we have. Mirrors are one such thing, and then perhaps particularly floor mirrors. With a floor mirror, your can easily check your full outfit quickly and easily, which is great before you head out!

    A large mirror is always practical, even when you're just putting on some make-up or checking out the look of your new shoes. A great thing is that you can move it around in the house! Perhaps the only sunny room is the kitchen when you need to do your make-up? Then it's just to carry it there! Do you want a soft ambience when you check out your outfit for the evening? Bring it to the bedroom! A floor mirror can be used for many purposes, so make sure to buy one that is not too heavy to carry around!

    A floor mirror makes life a little easier

    Floor mirrors are very practical no matter the design, but the common thing is that it's a mirror placed directly on the floor. Mirrors are often heavy and if we don't have to hang them on the wall than it's a win! Not all types of mirrors are heavy of course, and therefore there are some that we prefer to hang on a wall. A floor mirror is the obvious choice, however, if you want to ensure it doesn't fall down and crash on the floor.

    For those who are second hand tenants in an apartment or if you're just renting a room, you may be restricted as to what you can hang on the walls. The same is true in some apartments and houses where the walls are not strong enough to carry the weight of heavy pictures or mirrors. A practical floor mirror is the solution to your problem. Just place it wherever you want and move it around as you like!

    Finding the right one

    When you are furnishing a new home, you're likely to find a lot of things you love and want to have. Sometimes it's the complete opposite. But when it comes to mirrors you can feel confident that you will find one that you like.

    Having said that, it can be tricky if you have very specific requirements, such as wanting an old baroque style mirror, wanting a specific unusual colour etc. But, if you think a mirror with a black or white frame will work just fine, then you will find one in a flash.

    A lot of space, or not?

    We all live in different sized homes and some of us need lots of furniture to furnish large mansions, while the direct opposite is true for others. Sometimes we find a piece of furniture that we simply can't walk past and if it happens to be a floor mirror then you simply have to buy it. You will find room for it.

    The amazing thing with a floor mirror is that you can use it to make a place look bigger. Or, you can place it so you hardly notice it if your home is small, or you can position it to fill up an empty space if your home is spacious.

    So, a floor mirror is thus not only practical and a nice piece of furnishing in general, it can also magically make a place look both bigger and smaller. Make use of the illusions a mirror can create. When you figure out the optimal position for a floor mirror, then your home transforms completely!

    How to spruce up floor mirrors?

    Maybe you want to spruce things up a bit? Well, that's a challenge. Typically, these types of mirrors come in mainly aesthetic, plain designs, but if you want it to look less strict then you can easily decorate it by hanging things on it.

    You can use tassels, maybe a feather boa, long necklaces and more. You can buy a fairly basic floor mirror and then transform it to "your mirror" in terms of style. It's just up to your imagination and creativity! To ensure you'll keep the floor mirror for a long time, it's a good idea to opt for a rather aesthetic, non-frill style

    When you buy a fairly basic floor mirror, you can say you get many for the price of one - this is because you have so many more opportunities to be creative with such a design compared to if you buy one that is already heavily ornate.

    Inexpensive or expensive?

    This is a type of furniture that comes in thousands of variants both in terms of style and price. Depending on how much money you are able and willing to spend on a mirror and depending on the size of your home, there are models that may or may not fit your needs.

    We have all experienced finding something that we instantly know is exactly what we want and have been looking for. When that happens, you should not hesitate to buy it! You never know, it may be gone when you come back tomorrow. Of course, we shouldn't be overly impulsive, but when it comes to home decorations it's also wise to follow your gut feeling. A lot of the time, our first impression is correct.

    Transporting floor mirrors

    We are sure you will find the floor mirror that you like, but the challenge is - if you don't have a car - how do you transport it from the shop to your home? Floor mirrors are often heavy and awkward to carry on public transport. So, many of us rely on friends with cars! When you buy a floor mirror from us, transporting it is the least of you worries. We offer delivery by DHL, to make things simple and easy for you. When you buy a mirrors larger than 70x100 cm, you can select whether you want to pick it up in one of our stores or if you would like it to be delivered to you home.