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Are you looking for a white mirror? Do you want one which is large and round? Is it a smaller, square mirror that will improve your room? Or maybe it's a rectangular mirror that is needed in your home? Take a look below – here we've collected together many different variations so that you can find one which works just for you.

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    Showing 45 products
    Showing 45 products

    Stylish white mirrors

    Round white mirror in the bathroom

    White mirrors actually work equally well in rooms predominantly featuring the colour white, as in more colourful rooms. White is generally very popular in home decoration and we have a very wide selection of white mirrors, making sure there is something there for everyone. So check out our range!

    Do you have a few mirrors at home? Not everyone has discovered mirrors as an interior design detail, but they are actually great for a quick and easy lift of a room's ambience. A design tip is to add more mirrors to the home, whether they are white or if you prefer other colours. Smart looking mirrors add a bit of fun and coolness to any room!


    Make your home feel bigger with mirrors

    Is your home small, or do you have a room that you want to appear bigger? Don't hesitate to buy a mirror from us. It will make a real difference and your home will feel much bigger as you can see corners of your home from so many angles. Smart, right! Add a mirror to your home for both functionality and effect - you get two giggles from one tickle!

    The great thing with our range is that we have both large and small white mirrors, so regardless of which size you're after you're bound to find it here! A great tip is to hang both larger and smaller mirrors in the same room. It creates a really cool effect, simply because more than one mirror looks cool! The same way as a picture wall is a fun feature, a wall with more than one mirror can look really awesome.

    To get started, first go through our white mirror range not only once but a few times. It's not uncommon that we fall for a mirror that didn't really appeal to us at first glance. Open your senses! It will pay off as you will find one or a couple of mirrors that really pair well with your home!

    We carry both aesthetic, contemporary, cool, a bit kitschy and stylish vintage mirrors in our range. You don't necessarily have to strictly follow a certain style throughout your home. It can look really interesting to break the me of an aesthetically styled room with a bold eye-catching white mirror. Give it a go!