Round mirrors

Who says that everything has to be so square? A room which feels a little stale and boring can acquire a more easy-going and playful feeling if you choose a round mirror as a decorative detail.

In our range, you can choose round mirrors in different styles and sizes. Do you want a mirror which can be hung on the wall, or should it be able to stand on a table or another piece of furniture? Will it be a mirror with or without a frame?

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Round mirror – a beautiful piece for everyone

A soft, graceful design with a modern feel. We are of course talking about round mirrors! These elegant pieces that you can find in any room in the house these days! A round mirror has long been a classic choice for the bathroom, but today we see mirrors in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and laundry rooms. And it's no wonder round mirrors have become so immensely popular. Their circular shape is simple, but their softness gives round mirrors a special, elegant feel.

A big, round mirror – perfect for the living room!

Rund Spegel 110 cm Ø

The living room is a really nice place to hang a large round mirror. You could put in above the sofa or next to the dining area. As well as giving the space an elegant and trendy look, large round mirrors help create space and light. The biggest mirror we have in our range of large round mirrors has a diameter of 110 cm, so it's guaranteed to make a big impression in your living room! But of course a large round mirror can fit in any room where you think you have the space. We're seeing more and more large round mirrors in people's hallways. 

A mirror with a classic design

Round mirrors can be found in many different homes. Both young people and older folks alike choose to have round mirrors in their homes, and their shape fits into every imaginable interior design style. If you're unsure what kind of mirror to choose, rest assured that you can't really go wrong with a round one.

With a nicely shaped round mirror, your home immediately feels a little cosier and more homely. We have a wide range of round mirrors for you to choose from, so you're spoilt for choice! It's always nice to find a big selection, because it means you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for.

Things to think about when choosing a mirror

Just like with other interior accessories, it's wise to think things through carefully when buying a mirror. As mirrors are such popular products, the range is enormous, and even though that's a good thing, it can also make it difficult to choose the one for you. Remember that your mirror should match the style you have at home, because it's easier to adapt a mirror to a home than it is to adapt a home to a mirror!

It often feels safer to go for a round mirror that's very small and that only works as a mirror for the face. But remember that you might need a full-length mirror as well. You don't only want to surround yourself with beautiful things; it's also important that your home is practical.

Round mirrors in different styles

All round mirrors have elegance and softness in common, but they can still differ greatly in terms of design. Which round mirror you choose depends on the kind of interior design style you like and what looks good in your home. If you have a modern and minimalist interior style, we have thin round mirrors that fit perfectly into your home. Likewise, if you prefer a mirror in a more industrial style with a thick, black metal frame, we can help. And if you want to create a slightly more luxurious atmosphere, you should consider our round mirror with a gold frame. If you like interior design styles that make you feel close to nature, we also have round mirrors with wooden frames, for example in trendy bamboo.

In our wide range, we also have round mirrors that have a lot of character and are at least as decorative as they are functional. How about a sun mirror? Or a round mirror with a nice leather strap to hang it with?

Of course, we also have a lot of round table mirrors in our collection. These are extremely practical, because they're easy to move to any room in the house if you need a mirror temporarily. We have round table mirrors with supports in wood, metal, and even in beautiful artificial stone for those looking for a particularly decorative table mirror.

Round mirrors without frames

Our range includes several of these popular round mirrors without frames. These are mirrors with a very modern design, where the mirror is ultra thin and minimalist, so it merges with the wall in an elegant, trendy way.

Runda speglar - tonade speglar

If you're after ordinary mirror glass, we have round mirrors without frames in a whole range of different sizes. But we also have super trendy round mirrors with mirror glass that's tinted in lots of different stylish colours, including grey and rose gold. A tinted mirror is perfect when you want your mirror to match the colour scheme of the rest of your space, or when you want a detail that stands out.

New round mirror – new home!

Sometimes, it doesn't take much more than a new mirror to make you feel like you have a new home. Since there are so many beautiful round mirrors on the market, you're guaranteed to find at least one that'll become your new favourite piece at home. Go ahead! Browse our wide range, order a mirror, and spruce up your home today!

We often forget about the aesthetic value of our mirrors. We look only at their function, and that makes us forget to buy new ones. Compared to plant pots or lampshades, for example, which we tend to replace relatively often, mirrors tend to stay in place from the day we hang them to the day we move house. We need to change this! Remember to keep mirrors in mind the next time you feel like something new at home, because they're not only functional, but can be very beautiful too!

When one mirror is not enough!

You have the space for plenty of round mirrors, even if your home isn't that big. It's perfectly possible to have round mirrors in the hallway, the bathroom, the bedroom and more. Since there are so many beautiful round mirrors to choose from, you can even go for more than one. If you're finding it hard to choose, you can have a round mirror in every room!

It's sad to have to give up on a beautiful round mirror just because you've found another you like. Order them both! When it comes to beautiful interior accessories, there's always room for one more!