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When hanging up your nice new frames on the wall, you may find that you need an accessory or two. Whether it's hanging accessories such as self-adhesive nails, picture hooks, or the like, you'll find everything you need to succesfully hang up your picture here.

Here you'll find something for all homes, and when it comes to framing accessories, we at BGA are experts. Welcome in to our world of picture frames and framing accessories.

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    Ramverkstad Bespoke glass

    Bespoke glass

    Manufacturer: Ramverkstad
    Open 51005668 in admin

    From €15.95
    Maximum: 70x100 cm
    Ramverkstad Bespoke Acrylic glass

    Bespoke Acrylic glass

    Manufacturer: Ramverkstad
    Open 51023635 in admin

    From €12.95
    Maximum: 100x160 cm
    Egen tillverkning - Passepartouter Acid-free Insert - Custom Size

    Acid-free Insert - Custom Size

    Manufacturer: Egen tillverkning - Passepartouter
    Open 51023678 in admin

    An affordable protective measure to stop your pictures from fading

    From €12.95
    Maximum: 90x120 cm
    Egen tillverkning - Passepartouter Acid-free backing - Custom Size

    Acid-free backing - Custom Size

    Manufacturer: Egen tillverkning - Passepartouter
    Open 51008695 in admin

    Perfect for when you need to replace a piece of backing

    From €16.95
    Maximum: 100x150 cm
    Showing 1 - 100 of 514 products


    Found the perfect picture frame? Great! Getting nice pictures on the wall does a lot for the finished look of a room and it's a must for your space. Once you have found your picture and frame, you might also need some accessories to get the frame up on the wall. Here you'll find all the different kinds of accessories you might need when hanging picture frames on the wall, mounting or framing pictures.

    Some people find setting up a piece of wall art a bit cumbersome, and don't really know where to start. With our accessories, it immediately gets much easier. There are lots of different mounting accessories to choose from, so you can easily choose the one that suits the walls of your home best.


    Regardless of whether you want to put up a picture on a plaster wall or a concrete wall, we have accessories that allow you to minimise any damage to your wall. Putting something up on a concrete wall is difficult for some because it can involve a little more work, but it doesn't have to be that hard. If you have lighter paintings, you can use a so-called concrete hook that's available in lots of different sizes, and for that you only need a hammer and can save yourself from having to drill. If the picture's larger and weighs a little more, you'll need a screw and wall plugs. This means a little more work, but at least you can be sure the picture will stay in place. If you want clearer instructions for how to put up a picture on a concrete wall, you can read our article here.

    On a plaster wall, the same lighter and heavier paintings principle applies. If you have a lighter picture, a so-called X-hook that can handle loads of up to five kilos might be enough, but if it's a heavier one, a screw and wall plug are also necessary here. If you want clearer instructions on how to set up a picture on a plaster wall, you can read our article here.


    How can I put up a picture on the wall without making any holes? This is a question many people will have asked themselves. Sometimes you don't want to drill a hole or make any ugly marks in the wall for some reason, but that doesn't mean you should miss out on having beautiful pictures on the walls! But is it really possible to hang a painting without leaving a mark on the wall? The answer is yes! There are self-adhesive nails that attach to the wall easily without you having to drill. Self-adhesive nails work on all types of walls and surfaces, including wallpaper and plaster. The self-adhesive nails make it easy to get beautiful pictures up on sensitive surfaces. A perfect framing accessory!


    Most picture frames come with some form of glass, and it's an important accessory because it serves so many purposes. It keeps the picture in place and nice and smooth. It also protects against elements such as moisture and dirt. Sometimes, if you hang your picture near a window, it's a good idea to buy non-reflective glass with UV protection. Going for non-reflective glass means you avoid annoying reflections and refractions, and your picture retains its natural colours and shine. The glass is also UV-protective and removes harmful UV rays to make your pictures last longer. It's also more scratch-resistant. Simply put, it's the perfect accessory for your picture frame!


    Under frame accessories, you'll also find various frame inserts. They're an important accessory that you might not have known you needed. A frame insert protects your image from yellowing and helps it stay nice over time. A frame insert is a PH-neutral sheet of paper that's conveniently placed between the picture and the back of the frame to prevent the acid from the backing from penetrating and damaging your image.

    There are also plenty of other mounting accessories so you can easily find what you need. Maybe you want a nice frame easel for your picture frame, or a photo rope to hang your photos in a creative, decorative way? With us, you'll find all the different frame accessories you need!