Bespoke mirrors

A nice mirror is always a nice decorative detail. But finding the right size isn't always easy. But it's no problem with us, as we customise and produce exactly what you're looking for.

Ordering a mirror in your own dimensions is a simple and smooth process. Click on the mirror you like and fill in the measurements. The measurements you indicate are always the mirror's outer measurements. Above the purchase button you'll always be able to see how big mirrors can be produced for each type of delivery method.

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    Showing 1 - 100 of 246 products

    Order a custom-made mirror for you home

    Are you after a particular mirror  created to your own specifications? Congratulations! You have found the right online shop! This is where you find all our stylish custom-made mirrors in a variety of  elegant designs. In our unique assortment you will find more than 200 mirrors in different colours and designs. It's easy to find a design that blends seamlessly with your home.

    The best thing about a custom-made mirror is that you can design one that fits perfectly to whatever space. No matter if you are after a small-sized one for the bathroom or a large magnificent full body mirror for the hallway. Our goal is to offer something for all homes and preferences. Find your custom-made mirrors in our online shop today!

    Any questions about our custom-made mirrors? Please do not hesitate to contact our skilled customer services team! Providing personal service is important to us and we want you to feel really happy with your purchase.

    When you are about to choose a mirror, you should make the same considerations as when you decide about any home decor. The two most important questions are: what interior style suits you and what colours do you have at home. The safest bet is to choose a clean black or white mirror that matches almost all contexts. If you want something that stands out a little, but is still not too brash, then you can always go for a mirror with a black, white or grey frame employing a distinctive design.

    In a playfully decorated room, such as a child's room, it's perfectly suitable to use a more colourful frame that adds life to the space. In our range, you will find red as well as pink, green, blue and purple mirrors. Our pastel-coloured frames are very easy to match with other pastel colours on curtains, carpets and other furniture or ornaments.

    If you want a really unique mirror then you're lucky that we have several real eye-catchers. How about one in a shabby chic style or one beautifully textured with different patterns? We also have silver and gold mirrors in different designs - great if you like an elegant touch to your interior!

    Obviously it is not just the mirror design that makes for a nice custom-made mirror. The dimensions are important too and as our custom-made mirrors are made based on your needs, they can basically be made in any thinkable dimensions. Will the shape you are after suit the space where you plan to place the mirror. Also, consider what function it has. Are you after a horizontal bathroom mirror where the whole family can stand and clean their teeth or perhaps a smaller cute model that adorns the wall above the side table in the hallway?

    Good luck with your choice!