Frames - 11x14 inches (27.94x35.56 cm)


If you need an 11x14 inch frame then you should check out our range below. Perhaps you’ve enlarged one of your own photos to exactly that size? Then all you need to do is choose one of the great frames we have to offer. Choose one that really does your picture justice, whether that’s a frame in silver, black, white or something else.

Do you have a picture that’s 14x11 inches? All our frames can even be used in landscape format.

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    Showing 29 products
    Showing 29 products

    Frames 11x14 inches

    If you are after a picture frame in size 11x14 inches then look no further. We have a good selection to choose from. You will easily find one that suits your needs just perfectly.

    Always make sure the picture frame matches both the motif and the room where it is placed. It's quite easy to find a picture frame that suits the motif, but does it match the room as well? If not, you may need to put the picture frame in another room, or you may want to buy another picture frame. Never put a photo in a frame that does not do it justice!

    Black, white or something else?

    Alright, what colour do you like best? What colour will enhance your favourite photo? Is it a black frame? A silver frame? Or a white? Simply just pick the one you like best. If you consider hanging several 11x14 inch sized frames on the same wall, then you can create an interesting arrangement by mixing different coloured frames. Keep that in mind!

    Sometimes you want the frame to be the focal point and sometimes the photo. An yet other times we may want both to be eye-catching. Make up your mind before you select the frame. That way, you know what to look for when you search for a 11x14 inch sized frame.

    You can never get enough of beautiful images in gorgeous frames!

    Most of us have several images that we would like to display. Fortunately, the picture wall trend means that more and more people now dare to hang more on their walls, even though it may not even match exactly with the rest of the interior. This is great as it allows people to emphasise their personal style in their homes. We think this is fantastic and we have noticed how our customers take bold steps and buy several frames, frames that do not match and frames in different colours and styles.

    If you have lots of photos from your travels and holidays in countries where they use imperial rather than metric measures, then you will be able to find a number of beautiful and practical frames from our range. Just have a look, measure you images and buy either 11x14 inch frames or other frames in other sizes and styles.