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If your home has high ceilings, such as those you find in some period properties, it can be impossible to get normal length curtains to look right. In our “Long Curtains” section, you'll find equally lovely curtains - but with lengths of up to 300 cm. Our extra length curtains come in lots of different colours and fabrics so you'll be able to find the perfect long curtains to suit you and your home. Welcome to our selection of long curtains!

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    If a room feels empty and bare, it's often the case that what's missing is a beautiful pair of curtains. If you have a large window, or high ceilings, a really nice idea can be a pair of extra long curtains. Sometimes you just want a pair of extra long curtains for the lovely exclusive look that such curtains adds, and for a truly really cosy feel. Extra long curtains are perfect for tall windows and make windows and rooms look bigger while also giving the room more depth and making it more cosy.


    Long curtains can really create a real hotel-like feel in your home, and long curtains are fun because they give you the opportunity to hang them in lots of different ways. Some people prefer to hang their curtains low for a nice heavy drop of the fabric on the floor, while some like to use the full length of the fabric in order to hang their curtains high up the wall or from the ceiling.

    Long curtains can be hung on both curtain rods and curtain rails. It's just important to check the hanging type of the curtain itself. Multiband curtains work for all types of hanging methods. For example, multiband curtains can be hung directly on the curtain rod or with the help of rings, finger hooks or a curtain rail.


    Long curtains come in many different colours and materials, so just because you want an extra long pair of curtains doesn't mean you have to compromise on aesthetics. Maybe you want a pair of curtains in velvet, linen or cotton? Long curtains are a stylish choice regardless of the material, and you choose the material based on the room the curtain's going to hang in and how it's decorated.

    If you have very heavy colours in your decor and on the walls, then you might want a pair of more airy curtains. If the room feels a little cold and empty, a thicker pair of curtains that really frame the window in style and give more depth to the room is better. Opting for curtains in velvet gives the room a very soft feel, and can work well if, for example, you have a lot of stylish angular furniture. But one thing's for sure, and it's that no matter what curtains you're considering hanging or where, if you choose to invest in a pair of long, floor-to-ceiling curtains, they'll look especially beautiful and luxurious.


    How long a pair of curtains you need depends on how much space you have between the ceiling and floor, and if you want the curtain to reach down to the floor or end a few centimetres above it. It's always important to measure the length you need before buying your long curtains. In our range of longer curtains, you can find curtains of up to 300 cm in length.


    Hanging a long pair of long curtains from a roof rail is something that's become really trendy. It not only looks great, but also gives the illusion of larger windows. If you want your curtains from the ceiling, long curtains are exactly what you need, as they'll reach all the way down to the floor and not leave an annoying gap between the floor and the curtain.

    Hanging your curtains from the ceiling is sometimes the only option, for example if you live in an older building with a slightly higher ceiling, have very large windows that may even go from floor to ceiling themselves, or just if you want to get that luxurious hotel-like feeling at home. In a smaller room, curtains hung from the ceiling can give the illusion of a higher ceiling and hence a more spacious room.


    But how do you put curtains on the ceiling? It might seem tricky to hang your curtains from the ceiling, but it doesn't have to be. A curtain rod is an attractive choice because of its convenience, and you can of course use a curtain rod and set it up high. ? But the result isn't always that great. When you're going to hang curtains from the ceiling, it's best to avoid the classic curtain rod and instead invest in a curtain rail. You simply attach the rail to the ceiling where you want it with ceiling brackets.

    As we said, it's pretty easy to hang a pair of long curtains from the ceiling, but it's still important to keep a few things in mind. The first is, as always, when hanging curtains, it's important to measure beforehand. You need to take measurements to see how much space you have between the ceiling and the floor and hence how long the curtains need to be. You also need to measure how far out you want the curtains to hang from the wall, and hence at what distance from the wall you should attach your ceiling brackets. Another tip that makes the curtains look extra stylish is to hang them so they not only cover the windows, but also hang a little more to the side of the window and cover a little more of the wall, rather than covering too much of the window. This gives the illusion of a wider window and a nicer light. If this is the result you want to achieve, you need to choose a curtain rail that's wider than the window itself. With a curtain rail, it's also easier to draw your curtains, provided you choose a curtain rail with a slide function and hang the curtains with wrinkle band hooks. It's nice to be able to draw the curtains easily when you want to shield yourself from the sun for a bit. Long curtains hung from the ceiling are nice whether they're thin or thick curtains.


    Curtains make great screens and you can use them to create more rooms in the home. Long curtains are perfect for just this because if you're going to use curtains as room dividers, it's important that they go all the way from floor to ceiling. You can do this with either thin curtains or thick curtains. If there are more of you in the household, it might be a good idea to use thick curtains that are more sound-absorbing, but if you just want to create a sleeping alcove in a smaller apartment in which you live alone, a thin, airy curtain might be nice. The choice of curtain is always about the feeling you want to bring to the space and what function you want the curtain to serve.