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Decorate your child's room with lovely children's textiles for a personal, playful and pleasant feeling. Many hours of mischievous playtime will be spent in your child’s room as well as many nights. It is important that the room feels cosy and snug so that it becomes somewhere everyone loves to be!

Make the bed with great bedding sets and cot bumpers, create a cosy corner with a nice canopy and store cuddly bathrobes for your child in the bathroom. Looking for lovely textiles for children? Welcome to our range of fine children's textiles!

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    If you have children, their room is likely to be one of the most important in your home. Children often spend a considerable amount of time in their rooms including lots of mischievous play time and, of course, bedtime so it’s important that the room is playful but also a place of comfort. A child's room can be the world's best playground if it’s decorated in the right way. In order to do this successfully, you can use fabulous textilier in different patterns and colours to create a personal style that suits your child and helps them to feel at home. Whether you want to choose a colour theme for the room or you want to use as many bright colours as possible, we promise that you’ll find children's textiles that suit your child's room here in our range.

    Children's textiles fulfil so many different functions in a child's room including the obvious essentials but they can also be used to tie the whole room together by complimenting different aspects of the decor. There are also so many different types of children's textiles that you can decorate your home with. Bedding sets,  and dressing gowns to name but a few.


    Little legs are full of so much energy but children, just like adults, need downtime. A good night's sleep is essential in order to have enough energy to play all day. Choosing the right children's textiles such as cot bumpers, bed canopies and lovely bedding sets can help you create a cosy corner where your child can snuggle up and fall fast asleep. With a quality bedding set covered in playful prints and patterns, you can create a bed that’s not only fun to crawl into but is also more comfortable. Nice bedding can really brighten up a bedroom. In our range, you’ll find bedding that measures 100x130cm, perfect for a cot or child’s bed as well as cot bumpers to protect your baby from bumping into or getting stuck between cot bars or slats. Knowing that your child can sleep safely is important and, in turn, allows you to relax and sleep better too. If you initially have your baby’s cot in your bedroom, we have lovely textiles that match nicely with duvet cover sets for adult beds too. There are also other snuggly textiles that are perfect for a cosy sleeping corner like a soft blanket for warming up when it’s cold outside or just to cuddle up to. A small blanket is great for using in a pushchair or pram on chilly days.


    Bed canopies have become very popular for children's bedrooms and no wonder - a bed canopy with its beautiful flowing fabric fits perfectly over a cot or bed and as a tent over a play corner. A bed canopy can make a sleeping area extra cosy and snug whilst also contributing a slightly darkening effect without you having to close it up completely. It gives your child a relaxing atmosphere to rest and sleep in. Another aspect of bed canopies is that they are also great for use in play corners. A canopy can make a play corner feel magical and exciting creating the perfect place for your child’s imagination to run wild. A bed canopy not only makes a play corner cosy, it also gives your child a little privacy with their own special tent or den inside their room. If you hang a canopy over a soft rug where you place different cushions and a soft blanket you get a real cosy play corner - perfect for reading! Bed canopies come in a variety of styles. Whether you are looking for a light pink bed canopy or a stylish gray one, you’ll find it with us at BGA!


    In our collection of children’s textiles, you’ll also find bathrobes and bath ponchos. It may not be something that you actually decorate a children's room with, but it’s still an important item to have in your home. Hang your child's bathrobe in the bathroom right next to yours to show that they’re part of the family. A bathrobe both dries, warms and protects your child. It’s perfect for wrapping up in after a shower but also great to pack for a trip to the beach or pool.


    In a child's room, everything must be adapted to suit the child. The interior design style can differ from the other rooms in the house and be more playful and creative. When you’re decorating a child's room, you can choose a signature colour that you like and base the theme of the room around that. Then you can decorate with decor details in matching colour tones to create a lively and cosy feeling. You can also mix and match different patterns. Different textiles in our range carry the same pattern which makes them perfect to match with each other.

    The older children get, the more they become aware of what their room looks like and the details within the room become increasingly important. Your child might even want to be involved in choosing the colours for certain items. By being able to participate and decide for themselves, the room will feel even more like their own space.

    When it comes to children's rooms, everyone has their own ideas, likes, dislikes and priorities. For some, it may be important to introduce a lot of colour to the decor while others will want to prioritise smart storage but one goal unites everyone when decorating a child’s room: to make the room as cosy and welcoming as possible. And children's textiles are a great way to start!