Treat your feet to some cosy comfort in a pair of snug slippers! Soft and snuggly slippers are a must for long weekend mornings and cosy nights in. Don’t walk around your house barefoot on cold hard floors. Put on a pair of lovely warm slippers for a bit of spa luxury at home.

Pamper your feet and check out our range of lovely cosy slippers!

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    Slippers are not always something we think we need even though we enjoy wearing them in spas and hotels. It’s strange because they really are like first aid for tired cold feet. Slippers are warming and cosy for walking around at home as well as being nice looking. Slippers are good comfort and fine design all in one.

    When your alarm goes off early on a cold morning and you slowly drag yourself out of bed, it can be a nasty shock to put your nice bed-warmed feet onto a freezing cold floor. Wouldn’t it be much nicer to slide them into a pair of soft warm slippers that you left ready and waiting beside your bed? Your feet will thank you for it and you’ll have a much smoother start to your day. But it isn’t just first thing in the morning that slippers are especially inviting. On cosy nights in, when the stress of the day has been washed away by a nice warm shower, it can be heavenly to slide your feet into some warm, soft slippers and avoid the chill of the hard floor underfoot.


    A soft slipper can feel like a warm hug for your foot so they need to be made from especially soft materials and this is even more important for the lining. No-one should have to walk around on cold floors with bare feet or just socks. Imagine coming home from a long day at work, taking off your uncomfortable outdoor shoes and stepping into a soft cushioned pair of slippers right by the door. It’s a luxury you deserve.


    Relaxing at home is generally associated with loungewear and one could describe slippers as loungewear for the feet: something extra snug and cosy to put on when you need to unwind. Casual loungewear is a favourite of many people and when the weekend comes, or even midweek if the mood takes you, putting it on is the perfect way to start to relax. However, it isn’t generally considered to be stylish or elegant but that doesn’t mean it can’t be. A nice matching set of loungewear combined with a pair of well-coordinated slippers can make a really stylish outfit for wearing at home. Slippers can be elegant and luxurious in style and well-designed fluffy slippers can really lift a casual outfit.


    There aren’t many people who would say no to a lovely pair of soft slippers which makes them an ideal present. Slippers are usually well received and a great present to give to someone close to you because who wouldn’t want a cosy pair of slippers to wear at home? Giving someone a pair of slippers shows that you care and are perfect as both Christmas and birthday presents.


    Slippers are often appreciated because they give your feet a chance to relax. They allow your feet to be free instead of being trapped and constrained in shoes. Having a pair of slippers to hand is always a good idea and this doesn’t have to apply just at home. Buying an extra pair of slippers for wearing in the office or in school is perfect. That way, your working day can feel more comfortable and pleasant. It can be especially nice to have a pair of fluffy slippers at work during the colder months. If you’re buying a pair of slippers for the office, it’s great that there are so many stylish ones to choose from. Stylish slippers are a real plus when matched with an everyday outfit.

    Different slippers have different uses. For example, slippers are often recommended only for use inside the house and can’t be used outside if you want them to keep them in good condition. You might not think that your slippers would be damaged if you take out the rubbish wearing them or pop to the shed but it would be better to have a pair of outdoor slippers by the door that you can slip on so you don’t risk damaging your inside pair.


    In our collection you will find slippers in different sizes so you can chose a pair that fits you perfectly. Our slippers are available in sizes S, M and L. S corresponds to EU sizes 36-37, M corresponds to EU sizes 38-39 and L corresponds to EU sizes 40-41 so you can chose the right pair for your feet. Sometimes, new and unused slipper can feel a bit tight to start with but after a while they adapt to the shape of your feet and feel more spacious. Therefore, we recommend that you choose the size closest to your normal shoe size. Say goodbye to sore feet from uncomfortable shoes and hard floor. Treat yourself to a nice pair of soft slippers instead!