Oven Mitts

Oven gloves protect your hands from getting burnt on hot oven trays but can also be a fine detail in your kitchen. Our pot holders and oven gloves, also called oven mitts, are designed to be heat resistant and are important to keep close at hand. Choose an oven glove which matches your decor and let it hang on display in an accessible place in your home. For those who want to, it’s easy to match them with your other kitchen textiles for a coordinated and stylish kitchen!

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    Pot holders can be one of the most important assisstants in your kitchen when it comes to cooking. When you're going to take a warm dish out from the oven, or pour boiling water out from a pot, then pot holders are the saviour that will protect you from burns. They protect your hands from both warmth and splashes! Without good pot holders, it's basically impossible to cook warm food, especially if you need to use high temperatures. There are few things less pleasant than burning oneself on hot dishes , and even worse if it leads to you spilling the contents on the kitchen floor. With a pair of good, heatproof potholders, you can be sure that you won't burn yourself, whether it's warm oven dishes or other hot objects in the kitchen. So you'll be sure that you can serve up your dinner. Good oven gloves and pot holders are, in other words, a must-have in your kitchen! Regardless of whether you're baking or cooking, you musn't forget to be ready with a pot holder when you're dealing with warm dishes. With a pot holder, you can also protect your table from unwanted burns. If your pot holders are made from a rough material, then you can even use them as coasters for your pots, something which can even be a nice aesthetic detail on your table!


    Pot holders aren't just good for protection when holding hot dishes and pots. The best thing about pot holders and oven gloves is that they also make for a beautiful decorative detail in your kitchen, and are just as aesthetic as they are practical. There are lots of different colours and models to choose from, so you'll easily be able to find something that suits your kitchen. Pot holders and oven mitts look nice when on display in the kitchen, and this means they're always on hand and you can quickly use them when needed. Hang up pot holders and oven gloves on a nice kitchen hook, or maybe on your oven handle, so that they're really close by when you need them. No matter whether you want a simple pair of pot holders that just do the job, or if you want a colourful pair that really catch the viewer's eye, their functionality is the same – so you can, simply speaking, choose what you need for your kitchen. Maybe you want a flax-coloured oven mitt that suits a modern and stylistically simple kitchen? Or what about a sun-yellow pot holder that suits a colourful home? A pot holder can make for either a stylish detail that blends in with the rest of your kitchen, or a contrast which stands out a bit more.


    In our selection, you'll also find something truly fantastic - double pot holders! This is perfect for pots made from rougher materials, as well as filled dishes and heavy pots that need to be handled with two hands. This way, you don't need to be stressed about finding two pot holders to use when something has finished boiling or cooking. A double pot holder can be your saviour in these kinds of stressful situations! A double pot holder makes it easy to steadily lift heavier items with both hands, even if they're very warm. A double pot holder will really make you look professional in the kitchen!


    Decorating your kitchen with lots of beautiful kitchen textiles will make it cosier and nicer. It will make cooking easier, at the same time as improving your dinnertimes, since kitchen textiles do a lot for the kitchen as a whole. It's both fun and aesthetic to match different kitchen textiles with each other, and easy to spruce up your home by swapping small details such as pot holders. With the help of smart kitchen textiles, you can easily change the impression your kitchen gives, and choose a pair of pot holders the colour of which matches the rest of the decor in your kitchen. Many meals are served in the kitchen, and that's why it's important for the room to feel inviting so that your dinner and other meals are that little bit more enjoyable. If you choose a pair of pot holders from us at BGA, you can be sure that you'll get a stylish decorative detail for your home!


    When you're cooking and spending time in the kitchen, safety is of great importance. It's important to work safely and ensure that you don't injure yourself. This is true of both sharp and warm objects. Sometimes, you can choose from pot holders made from different materials. It can be good to consider which kind of material you have the greatest need of. Pot holders made from textiles make it easy to wash them if you should happen to spill anything. With this kind of pot holders, it's easy to get a nice clean pair again.

    Oven mitts are, simply put, a must-have in your home! Regardless of whether you're removing a tray of freshly baked cakes from the oven, or whether you're draining boiling pasta water. Oven mitts are made to resist heat, but to be absolutely sure that you're not going to burn yourself, it can be a good idea to take a pot holder and test touching the warm object before you lift it. You'll be able sense quickly whether the heat will go through the pot holder. If you're handling something that's really warm, it can be a good idea to use double pot holders, to make completely sure that you don't burn yourself. Take care of your fingers and buy a good pair of pot holders!