Everything’s in the details, and nowhere is that truer than with interior design! Here you can find furnishings that are both decorative and practical, like fashionable poster-hangers and clips, atmospheric lighting, stylish picture shelves and nice coffee table photo albums. Freshen up your home and make your weekdays that bit easier – take a look at our selection of on-trend furnishings!

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    Showing 1 - 100 of 221 products

    Interior design for all

    Decorating your home should be a joyful and inspiring process! It gives you the chance to make your home just that: your home. A place that you and your loved ones enjoy and feel good in. A place for recovery and rest as well as fun and socialising.

    Many interior design pieces have purely decorative purposes, and should be carefully placed in your home to make it feel cosy and personal. While we love these purely decorative furniture and accessories, we also love furnishings that are both decorative and practical! Interior design pieces that are beautiful and contribute to your home's personal and stylish overall look, but also make your everyday life a little... easier. Examples of these interior design pieces are picture ledges, which make it super easy to display and later change up your wall art, or poster hangers and poster clips, which offer a modern and simple way to hang your posters and pictures. We also have many types of picture lighting, which not only direct light and therefore attention to your wall art, but are also extra sources of light in your home.

    Picture lighting for large wall art

    Interior design online

    Buying furniture and accessories online may not be all that new, but it's still oh so practical and convenient! The internet allows you to browse different ranges and then easily order the things you want using the payment method that suits you. And should you order something by mistake, it's usually just a matter of returning it and continuing the search. If you're planning to order a larger piece, it's a good idea to take the relevant measurements and perhaps test something that's a similar size in the place where you're planning to put the new piece. If you're going to buy a mirror for the hallway, for example, then it's worth making sure that the size of mirror you want to buy fits the space and looks good in relation to other furniture and accessories.

    Rainbow-coloured metal clip for posters

    Different interior design styles

    We want to offer a wide range of furnishings in lots of different styles so that everyone can find something they like (or even better, love). If you like industrial style interiors, for example, with a hard, raw feel and dark colours, we have several interior design pieces that are right for you. How about picture light in black or brass coloured metal? Or stylish poster clips in matte black metal? Or, for fans of colourful interiors, how about furniture and accessories in different trendy colours or maybe even rainbow-coloured pieces? If a more modern style of interior design is what you're looking for, there's certainly plenty of modern products in our range. Take a look around and find the perfect interior design pieces for your home!

    Scandinavian interior design

    Scandinavian interior design is well known for its distinctive style, which focuses on timeless simplicity, quality and functionality. The Scandinavian style is sought after and appreciated all over the world, and in our range of accessories you will find both Swedish- and Danish-designed pieces. Among the brands you'll find are Swedish brands KAILA and Eklunds Metall and Danish brand Batjuma.

    Interior design for all rooms in the home

    White picture ledge in kitchen

    Which room are you looking to decorate? We can perhaps say that, in the past, interior design was divided into categories that suited specific rooms. But nowadays, all rooms in the home merge in a way that allows many interior design pieces to be placed in either the hallway or the bedroom. Such is the case with the pieces in this collection. You can put a picture ledge above the bed in the bedroom, or in rows one above the other on a large wall in the living room, for example. You can also place them in the kitchen, with wall art or small interior design pieces like copper or fine spice jars. Alternatively, let practical picture ledges adorn the hallway or corridors of your home. We've even seen picture ledges used as extra shelves for small items in bathrooms. The same goes for poster hangers and poster clips. If you want wall art in most of the spaces in your home, apart from perhaps in walk-in closets or utility rooms, poster hangers and poster clips go anywhere.

    What we're trying to say is that there are no rules. You can decide whether your picture light is going to go in the hallway, living room, bedroom or kitchen. And a Coffee Table Photo Album doesn't necessarily have to be placed on a table in your living room; it looks just as good on a sideboard in the hallway. There are of course a few limits. A poster hanger leaves your poster uncovered and in the open, meaning that it shouldn't be placed in a bathroom, where the poster would be exposed to water and moisture. 

    Interior design inspiration

    If you need some interior design inspiration, we can recommend our magazine. There, you'll find lots of interior design tips and style inspiration for everything from laundry rooms and hallways to living rooms and bedrooms. You'll also find easy to follow step-by-step guides on how to hang paintings and mirrors on different types of walls, for example, or tips for creating beautiful picture walls.

    Bright interior design in living room - Photo album/ Coffee Table Book

    As we said before, we at BGA love interior design, and as well as the products in this collection, we have other interior design categories, like picture frames, mirrors, photo albums, posters and textiles. A huge range of furniture and accessories with which you can renew and transform your home. Go ahead and look around in this collection and our other collections. You're sure to find something for you!