Kitchen Textiles

With attractive kitchen textiles you can freshen up your kitchen and spruce up your everyday meals as well as your dinner parties. With table textiles like tablecloths, placemats, table runners and napkins, you can set the table in a way that's creative yet simple and create a truly inviting atmosphere. Textiles for your kitchen also help to reduce noise both in the kitchen and at the dinner table. Welcome to our selection of stylish kitchen textiles for your home!

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    Showing 1 - 100 of 211 products

    Kitchen textiles – more important than you might think!

    There are lots of different advantages to having nice kitchen textiles at home. It's not just the aesthetic factor that makes it fun and exciting when buying new textiles for your kitchen. It's also the different roles they play in making it nicer, cosier and more relaxed at the dinner table. For example, having a tablecloth creates a great feeling of tranquillity compared to not having one.

    An affordable way to freshen up your home

    It's always fun to find small decorative details that can be used to freshen up your home. Different kinds of kitchen textiles are a good example of this. Freshening up your home is always worth it from a well-being perspective. It creates a cosy and fresh feeling. It's important to feel satisfied with the style of your decor, and also that you stick more or less to one style for your whole kitchen. But it's a good idea to choose certain things on other grounds! For example, maybe you like loud colours, but still think that napkins in a tranquil off-white shade make your laid table look refined? Or, conversely, are you a fan of white, but want to get a few fashionable colours into your home, maybe via tablecloths, tea towels and the like? Then going for fun kitchen textiles is the perfect solution. These textiles set the tone of the room, and they bring out colours in other objects in the home, without taking too much attention.

    Lots of different colours to choose from

    The fact that there are lots of different colours to choose for your kitchen textiles makes it easier to find the right styles and colours for your home. Maybe you feel like going for green? Or what about pink, or lion yellow? Or why not create an attractive blend of white and off-white? It's easy to mix and match our products. So no matter if you're after a classic style, a fresh archipelago-style decor for your summer house, or maybe a fashionable and cool decor for your first apartment, we've got all the right colours for your kitchen textiles. Do you like a pared-back look in your home, or do you think it's more fun with a less minimalist style? Be sure to set the tone of your home so that it really is "yours". If you decorate your home so that it looks like an interior design magazine, it won't truly feel like home. However, finding inspiration on Instagram, in interior design magazines and other places is a lot of fun. So take that inspiration and use it to decorate your home with your new ideas! When you're finished and satisfied with the results of your kitchen redecoration, why not post the results on Instagram?

    Patterns and textures for all tastes

    Do you think decor without patterns is a bit boring? Do you prefer livelier textiles for your home? Whether it's textiles for the kitchen, the bathroom or other rooms, patterns and/or special textures are great fun. Our patterned kitchen textiles are easy to match with other decorative details in your home, and they're also easy to match with all the different products that we sell. That way, it's exceedingly simple for you to redecorate, regardless of whether you want to match what we sell with what you already have at home, or whether you want to match different products that we sell with each other.

    Stylish and personal

    Redoing the kitchen is one of the most enjoyable things about decorating at home. As if it weren't entertaining enough to buy new kitchen textiles, it's also fun to decorate with both white goods as well as furniture and kitchen gear. There are lots of nice decorative details that work perfectly in a kitchen. The fact that it's so easy to match kitchen textiles with other decorative details means that it isn't hard to find what you're looking for.

    Practical and attractive – all in one

    If there is one item in the home that needs to be both functional and aesthetic, then it's kitchen and bathroom textiles. Everybody wants beautiful textiles in their kitchen and bathroom. But it's important they're not just attractive – they also need to be good at their job! Unfortunately, we're often forced to choose between aesthetics and functionality. But with our kitchen textiles, you can look forward to getting everything in one. When it comes to things like colours and patterns, it's always fun to mix things up a bit, no matter what your style is and what your tastes are. If you mix and match, there's more to choose from. Small and simple things like changing out your tea towels and placemats can help the kitchen to feel new and fresh, so remember to try changing the small details before you go in for big, and often significantly more expensive, changes such as getting new furniture. It can be easier to get that new, fresh feeling that way.