Apart from creating a cosy atmopshere and giving a room a nice overall feeling, your choice of curtain also decides how much light gets let into the room. Do you want thin curtains that let the light stream through, or curtains with strong velvet material, for a more subdued and cosy feeling? Do you like patterned curtains, or stylistically simple monocrhome ones? Regardless of what you're looking for, we're sure to have something for you – welcome in to our selection of beautiful curtains!

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    Showing 68 products

    Curtains – a quick fix to spruce up your home!

    With a new pair of curtains you can set the tone of a room, and there's no better way to make a home feel new and fresh. There's a reason why people choose to change their curtains so often – it makes it feel like things are happening in your home. Few other decorative details that can give that kind of feeling are so quick and easy to get going with. So a big thanks to the many kinds of curtain that add a touch of luxury to our daily lives!

    Classic, fashionable and tasteful

    It's not hard to find what you're looking for among our range of curtains. We've got all the latest fashionable colours, and offer curtains both with and without patterns. Which style do you feel like right now? Muted and white? Or maybe something bolder, like pink or green? A classic blue? Or what about elegant velvet curtains? Pick and choose! There are plenty of colours, textures, patterns and vibes to choose from.

    A touch of trend and elegance, all in one

    With the right curtains, it's easy to give a room the exact feeling you're after. These days, you don't need to choose between trends and elegance. Now you can find curtains that meet all your requirements. Whether it's curtains that follow a passing fad, or ones that are designed to match a more long-term trend, it's always nice if they feel both elegant and well-made.

    Curtains – the cherry on the cake!

    Curtains are a classic choice when you want to give your home a new feeling. Sometimes you just need to give your home a new feeling. Maybe it needs a bit more attitude? Or maybe the opposite? Maybe you want to go from stylistically simple, light and white, to darker colours and heavier tones? Velvet is a good choice for those who want a heavier and more "adult" feeling in their homes, while lighter materials in lighter colours will give a home a more youthful feeling. Of course, you can combine lighter materials with heavier ones, and darker colours with lighter ones. But it's not always so easy to find what you're looking for in the products on offer these days. Dare to try new things and experiment a little with your decor – it's so much more fun that way!

    Finding the right feeling for your home

    Start with the kind of feeling you want in a room, and put in the right curtains in the right context accordingly. Sometimes it works well to begin with something small, like curtains, and base the rest of the decor on that. In other words, you don't necessarily need to get your curtains to match the larger picture. Instead, you can get everything else to match your curtains. When it's the curtains that set the tone, it can be fun to see what else you put in the room. Maybe you have a weakness for pastel colours, or another certain colour? In that case, it's fun to really go all in with that colour (or those colours) that you think are perfect for your home.

    Mix different materials for a cool effect

    When it comes to curtains and other decorative textiles, a good tip is to go for different kinds of materials. If, for example, you have relatively thick, corduroy curtains, then it can look great to break it up a bit with lighter linen curtains. The same goes for velvet, which is a favourite among many. For example, it looks great when you mix velvet with materials such as a light cotton

    Unconventional choices can make a big difference!

    When it comes to interior design, straying a little outside your comfort zone can be an important way of making things happen and creating a dynamic decor. For example, it could involve going for a bit more colour than you usually do, or maybe adding more patterns and colours than before. Being bold and combining a little bit of everything means that you can also make more adventurous choices when it comes to curtains and other decorative textiles. The more you go for it, the prouder you'll be of the result – a home should reflect you and your personality, not necessarily the latest trends!

    Is it easy to hang up curtains?

    The answer to this question is a resounding yes! It's significantly easier to hang up curtains than you'd think. It takes no time at all, and you have loads of great curtain accessories at your disposal these days, should they be needed. No matter whether it's curtains for the bedroom or for the kitchen, and no matter what kind of curtains they are, hanging them up is a quick job.