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Comfortable duvets and pillows make for a truly good night's sleep! Here you’ll find duvets for single and double beds as well as pillows with different kinds of filling such as soft and airy polyester fibre balls or luxurious down. Pillow cases and duvet covers in sizes that match these duvets and pillows can be found among our bedding sets. Welcome to our collection - and sleep well!

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    Duvets and pillows – fluffy and soft

    Sleeping well is one of the most important parts of your wellbeing. It's not just the bed and mattress that have to be high quality to give you good sleep. It's also important to have good quality duvets and pillows. Soft and fluffy duvets and pillows make it nice to snuggle down in the bed, and they make for a lovely start to each new day!

    Which size of duvet should I choose?

    When it comes to duvet size, you are completely free to choose yourself. If you have a single bed, it's best to choose a duvet that is specifically suited to that size of bed. When it comes to double beds and duvets, some prefer to have one duvet each, while others prefer to have a larger duvet suited to a large double bed. What you choose is up to you. Everyone has different tastes, so you just need to choose according to what you like.

    Pillows – soft or hard?

    There are all kinds of pillows out there, and regardless of whether you like soft or hard kinds, we've got lots of good choices. Many people think it's both comfortable and practical to have one soft and one hard pillow to alternate between. If, for example, you have neck problems, it can be a good idea to choose a harder pillow. A soft pillow, meanwhile, works well in other situations.

    Go for high quality

    High quality duvets and pillows are both a good investment. Sleeping well quickly makes life better, so choosing your pillows and duvets well is very important.

    Which material is right for me?

    Choosing between down, synthetic, cotton or other duvet and pillow materials isn't always so easy. Luckily, we have a very large range, making it easy for everybody to choose, no matter what material they prefer. And even better, you can mix as you like. For example, some people want polyester during the winter and cotton during the sumer. In other words, all you need to do is get two sets of pillows and duvets. The most important thing is that you feel it's good material, and one that doesn't make you sweat or shiver.