Tables truly are a versatile decorative detail that can be used for all kinds of things and in all kinds of places in the home. Of course, they're mainly for putting things on, but they can also create a cosy feeling and give your home a little style! In our selection of attractive tables you can find bedside tables, side tables and coffee tables – all in lots of different shapes, colours and materials. Welcome on in!

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    Showing 6 products

    Tables – something for all tastes

    There are truly tables for all tastes. Finding a table that you like is really quite straightforward. It can, however, be hard to find your favourite tables for all the rooms of the home. Maybe you've found the right kitchen table, but are now having difficulty finding a coffee table, bedside table or side table? Or maybe you've found the perfect table for your hall, but are really struggling to find the right dining room table? But with a bit of patience, you're sure to find the perfect table for all the rooms of the home. But it's never good to make premature decisions.

    Each table has its place

    There are endless kinds of table, so there are tables for all needs. Whether you're looking for a small table for a corner, or a big table that's going to take up lots of space and attention, then you can be sure you'll find the right one. Among the tables we offer you can find, among other things, bedside tables, side tables and coffee tables. All have fashionable Scandinavian design, and we've also got tables that suit all tastes. Some of our tables have designs that are a lot showier than others. So if you want a table that visitors will remember, then you'll have no problem finding it here. If you prefer a more pared-back design, then you can also find that in our selection.

    Endless possibilities

    Something that makes tables specifically so much fun is the endless decorative possibilities they create. For example, just because a table is described as a "bedside table", it doesn't mean you have to have it next to your bed. You can also put it in another room, if you think it's better there. Tables also give us other options when it comes to colour and shape. There are colourful tables, round tables, black tables, patterned tables, wooden tables, glass tables and so on. It's fun to have a look around in our selection before making a choice. Often your expectations can be totally different from the result. For example, maybe you were planning to buy a round, white table, but you ended up buying a rectangular glass table with unusual wooden legs?

    Modern design gives a unique feeling

    Among the tables we buy, you'll find several classic designs, but also a couple of fashionable ones with truly modern design. Which style are you looking for? Do you want something super-fashionable, or do you think it's nice with a more classic, stylistically simple and Scandinavian design that works in a classic home? No matter which one is more you, there are lots of great opportunities to find the right table with us. All you need to do is take a look around!

    Find the right size

    Finding the right size of table isn't always the easiest. Some people prefer large furniture, while others think it's cosier with smaller furniture. Luckily, you can choose from tables in lots of different sizes. Finding the right table for the right room, or the right sofa, is, in other words, not too difficult.

    Affordable and practical

    As well as wanting a table that has an attractive design and suits the rest of the decor, you also want the right table in terms of price and functionality. Some tables just look good, while others are just practical. But everybody wants to get both in one table, of course. Is it hard to find a table that meets all your requirements? Fortunately, the answer to that question is an emphatic "no"!

    Attractive decorative detail

    If you've got some spare space and feel like you can go for a table that is "just" aesthetic, then don't hesitate – go for it! These days there are loads of nice tables at good prices, so it's easy to add an attractive table or two to your decor. Some tables look good just as they are, while others look good with things placed on them. You can, for example, put a cool vase with fashionable flowers, coffee table books, or something else on the table. Let your imagination flow!

    Timeless and Scandinavian

    If you prefer tables that retain that timeless, Scandinavian style, then you're in the right place – our range is full of tables in that style. We offer, among other things, black tables, glass tables, wooden tables and tables with marble look. Choose yourself whether you want a round table, a square table or a rectangular one. We've got all kinds!