Here you'll find all our lightbulbs! Lighting is very important in a home. Having good lighting above a desk, for example, can help you to focus better, and dimmable lightbulbs in the living room can really create a cosy atmosphere!

Are you looking for an LED lightbulb? A lightbulb that's dimmable? Then take a look in our selection below and choose between lightbulbs in different sizes and colour temperatures (kelvin)!

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    Showing 10 products


    Have found the perfect light fitting, and now all you need is a good lightbulb? Then you've come to the right place! Lighting is a must-have in your home. Partially, of course, so that you can see when it's no longer light outside, and partially because it's important to have a nice, cosy feeling at home. Did you know that we're recommended to have around seven lights in every room? The right light really makes a big difference, so it's not so strange when you think about it! When you put a lightbulb in a place that really needs it, it does so much more than just light the space up. It also creates an atmosphere, and makes your home a more pleasant place to be in. You'll find several different lightbulbs in our selection!


    When decorating with lighting, you can put it where it's most needed. There are some parts of the home which are natural places for lighting - such as on the ceiling, in the window and by the bed. Maybe you're wondering where else you should put lighting? It is, in fact, the case that you can get a lot more lighting in your home than you might think. Put a floor lamp next to that sofa where you really like sitting and reading, or hang a window lamp in a dark cornrer. Put a lamp on a bookshelf, or a table lamp in another unexpected place, and put wall lamps up on empty walls - the result is sure to look great! When it comes to the living room, it can be a good idea to put a light behind your TV. This will give off a soft, pleasant glow that makes things easier for the eyes.


    Good lighting affects us more than we might think. The fact is that it has a very positive effect on us, and that's why it's so important. Lots of people say that they feel better when the sun is shining, and good lighting in the home can work in the same way. Light in the home creates a feeling of security, can help you to focus better when studying or working, and can also contribute to a cosy atmosphere when having a film evening on the sofa. It can also help you feel more relaxed. That's why you need both functional and atmospheric lighting! It's best to have a mixture of both diffuse and directed lighting in your rooms. Of course, this doesn't mean that you have to have all of them lit at the same time. Instead, you can adjust it according to your needs in the moment.


    In our selection, you'll find several different LED lightbulbs. LED lamps consist of light-emitting diodes. LED is a kind of lightbulb with a lot of advantages, since they're both strong and durable. LED is also an energy-efficient lighting form that has a long lifespan. It is, therefore, better for the environment. In other words, an LED lamp is a great choice! Here with us you can find LED lightbulbs that have a warm white, 2700K glow. Kelvin is measured with a scale running from 1000 – 10,000K, where a lower number indicates a warmer colour temperature, and a higher one indicates a cold light. In the range 2500-3500K, the light is warmer, and has a yellow glow. This is the optimal kind of lighting for the home, since we're used to traditional lightbulbs and halogen lighting! In our selection, you'll also find several dimmable LED lights. But bear in mind that dimmable LED lights must be used with a compatible dimmer. If you put an LED light in a fitting that doesn't have a compatible dimmer, then there's a big risk that it won't work. By clicking on the different lights and lightbulbs that we offer, you can read more about the product.