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A bolster cushion or pillow is an elongated cushion in a timeless design which looks equally as elegant on the sofa as on a freshly made bed. Our cylindrical cushions are available in many beautiful colours. Bolster cushions, which are shaped like a tube, can be used as decorative cushions but can also be soft and cosy for resting with your head on. Welcome to our world of trendy Nordic design bolster cushions – BGASTORE.IE!

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    Have you got a sofa that's slightly too deep, and while very aesthetically pleasing, occasionally causes you back pain? Have you tried to make it more comfortable with square cushions but not felt any real difference? Maybe what you need is a cylinder cushion. A cylindrical cushion can be placed at the back of the sofa to give you extra back support and be generally comfortable to lean on. A cylinder cushion can also be placed under the back of the knee in bed and provide extra support for the lumbar region when you're lying lie down. That is perfect when you want to read an exciting book in bed or help a child with their reading homework. Of course, a long round cushion is also nice to rest your head against when you want to take it easy for a while. Not to mention how well a cylindrical cushion works in the home as a contrast to other cushions.


    If you've never heard of a cylinder cushion, or bolster as it's also called, you might be wondering what it is. A cylinder cushion is a long cushion with a cylindrical form that's often made of cotton or polyester. Cylinder pads are often filled with some type of foam that can be either firm or soft. If you are looking for a more solid cylinder cushion, a cushion with polyester filling is usually a good option.


    Cylinder cushions are truly versatile cushions. Sometimes a cylinder cushion is also called a bolster because it provides such good support. The cylindrical shape can make a lot of different situations easier and provide support to different parts of the body. Cylinder cushions can be used under the legs, neck or back, for example. A cylinder cushion is perfect for the lumbar as it means you don't have to load the region too much. There's something about their handy shape that makes cylinder cushions work so well. Many people even like to sleep with a cylindrical cushion under their knees at night.

    There are lots of different times at which it's good to have a cylinder cushion to hand. They're perfect when you have pain somewhere in your body. For pregnant women, a cylinder cushion can make things easier and more comfortable, regardless of whether they want to rest a while on the bed or the sofa. Even for those who are breastfeeding, a cylindrical cushion can be very comfortable and provide good support to both mother and baby. For those who love yoga, a cylinder cushion can come to the rescue when you're stretching or as support in certain positions.

    A cylinder cushion is a must even for those who enjoy arts and crafts, too. It can provide great support if you crochet and knit a lot because your upper body can get a little sore over time. You can just place the cushion where it provides the best support for the body. Yes, you've got the message! Cylinder cushion are basically a must at home because they're just so useful!

    As previously mentioned, a cylinder cushion is especially comfortable on a deep sofa, but even on hard sofas, a cylinder cushion is a real saviour! Or even on a sofa with a low backrest. On hard sofas, cylinder cushions provide extra soft comfort that you might then combine with other textiles, for example behind the back or on the armrest. Placing a cylinder cushion next to the armrest is perfect if you have very narrow armrests that aren't that comfortable. In that case, you can just let your arm rest on a comfortable bolster. On a sofa with a low backrest that stands against the wall, you can place cylinder cushions on the back edge of the sofa. It's really nice to be able to lean back against a firm but soft cylinder cushion. Cylinder cushions are also comfortable on armchairs. But cylinder cushions don't just have to be used as support for the body or as a complement to something missing on your sofa. They're also really nice and comfortable to rest your head on when you feel like it.


    A bolster doesn't isn't just functional. If you want a cylinder cushion because you're attracted by the shape, it's of course something you can decorate with. With its cylindrical shape, a bolster is different from traditional decorative cushions and creates a nice contrast. Both on the sofa and the bed, it's nice to decorate with a cylinder cushion. You could say this is the most fun thing about interior design - you select the larger furniture and then it's the decorations that bring everything together. Choosing your cylinder cushions, thinking about what colours you want and which ones will look good next to each other on the sofa, and then placing them with care is really enjoyable. A sofa or bed covered with lots of beautiful decorative cushions in different shapes such as round cushions and cylindrical cushions really becomes an eye-catcher in the home and makes it look much more inviting.

    Little decorative pieces are really what allow you to put your personal touch on your home decor. With cylinder cushions, you can easily bring different colours and patterns into your space. Decorating different surfaces and furniture with cylindrical cushions enhances the whole look of the home, making it more personal and beautiful. A cylinder cushion is a must at home and is designed to be soft but durable and keep its shape over time.