Kaila - Coffee Table Photo Album

A KAILA Coffee Table Photo Album not only gives you a practical opportunity to store your most precious photo memories — you also get a stylish and trendy piece of decor! These textile-clad and luxurious ash-shaped photo albums have a chic design and are available in several different earth tones.

But it's more than just the colours that set these albums apart: they have different titles with meaningful words in Hawaiian. Which word best suits the content of your photo album? Find your favourite among these fashionable and elegant Coffee Table Photo Albums!

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Coffee Table Book and photo album — in one!

Taking the time to organise your beloved photo memories in an album is time well spent. A photo album with physical photos is something that will undoubtedly be appreciated — both by yourself and others. Because there is something special about the feeling of being able to sit back on the sofa and gently flip through an album filled with warm and joyful memories. A peaceful feeling that never goes out of style, no matter how digital the world gets. That photo albums can also be decorative and nice to have out isn’t news, but these albums from KAILA are really something extra special! Each photo album is designed as a trendy Coffee Table Book — a sophisticated piece of decor that has become increasingly popular. The fact that this smart Coffee Table Book also contains your own photo stories makes it even better! It's simply a perfect mix between a tasteful Coffee Table Book and a functional photo album — a Coffee Table Photo Album.

The photo albums are embossed in textile and are available in several different, carefully selected, voguish earth tones. Each album is designed as a box, which gives a luxurious premium feel when you open it. Inside each album, you are also greeted by a discreet and pretty print on the inside of the cover. KAILA Coffee Table Photo Album is the result of classy Nordic design at its best!

Meaningful words in Hawaiian

It's not just the colours that distinguishes the album varieties. Each album has its own title, with meaningful words in the beautiful Hawaiian language:

'OHANA means "family" - MAU KI'I means "pictures" - ALOHA means "love" - HO'OMANA'O means "memories" - HAU'OLI >means "happiness" - MO'OLELO means "stories ".

What word and which meaning fits the content of your photo album?

Photo album — glue yourself

These photo albums have black pages that become a tasteful — and almost a bit dramatic — backdrop to your photo memories. Each album contains 30 black sheets (60 pages) where you glue your photos yourself. The pages measure 21x28 cm, which means that each side holds two photos of the standard photo size 11x15 cm with good margin. But with photo albums where you glue the photos yourself, there is plenty of room for creativity, and you have free rein to organise photos of various formats just how you want it — like your own scrapbook photo album!

The sheets are placed in a flexible ring binder, and if you need to add more pages, we also have refill sheets for this trendy album series. These refill sheets are perforated for easy installation in your existing KAILA Coffee Table Photo Album. The fact that it's time to buy refill sheets can only be interpreted as a good sign of many fantastic and memorable moments!


KAILA is a new Swedish brand with a focus on quality and stylish Nordic design — at affordable prices. The word "KAILA" is Hawaiian and means "style", an appropriate word indeed for the concept and products KAILA offers. KAILA has mastered the art of creating products with that exclusive premium feel that are still affordable and available. The design concept is based on the classic Nordic design style, characterised by minimalism, elegance and functionality — with a fashionable touch. KAILA offers gorgeous pieces of decor at reasonable prices for the modern home!