Refresh your home in small and simple ways! Textiles give life a bit of colour and shape, at the same time as they create a snug, cosy and welcoming feeling in your home. Play around with structures, patterns and colours. Mix and match. With new pillow cases and blankets, you can spruce up your home in seconds – and give you great opportunities to decorate with the changing of the seasons. Welcome in to our wonderful selection of textiles!

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    Showing 1 - 100 of 759 products

    Textiles - A decorative detail you love

    Thinking about freshening up your home a little? Maybe you want to change the feeling and style of a room? Do you want to update the room, or even your whole home, without burning a hole in your wallet? Then playing around with blankets and cushion covers in different colours and shapes is the perfect way to do it!

    Maybe you've just moved, and feel like you need something new so that your home feels fashionable, stylish and delightful? Maybe you've found lots of fun inspiration, and now you want to take things that one step further and start decorating in a new and inspired way? Then all that remains to do is to look through our wonderful range and choose out your favourites!

    Exciting textures and cool patterns

    We've all got different tastes and preferences, and this is reflected in our range of textiles. The design of our products is both well thought-out and inspiring, meaning that you can use them to spruce up your sofa, bed, armchair, chaise lounge and more.

    We update our range of textiles constantly, so there's always something new in store. If you like Scandinavian design, then this is the right place for you! In our selection, you can choose your favourites that both define the style of your home and give it exactly the right dose of fashion

    Loads of cushions – fashionable, cosy and attractive!

    Cushions and cushion covers are favourite decorative details for a lot of us. At BGA, we've really gone all in for this. You can buy both cushion covers as well as matching cushion inserts from us. Whether you want a luxurious and exclusive feeling, or whether you like things a little more low-key, there are lots of different alternatives – choose that which suits you best!

    Scandinavian design at its very best!

    We've made sure that lots of our textiles match each other. That way, it's easy to find several different matching products. This means that it doesn't take long to get the right feeling in whichever room it is that you want to freshen up.

    Loads of wonderful, seductive colours!

    Finding the right colour for your decor is not always the easiest of tasks. Maybe you're looking for a specific colour, or a special shade that's hard to find? Or maybe you've lots of nice things that go well together, but can't quite find that last item, the cherry on the cake, that makes everything that bit better? If so, take a look at our decorative items - we've got loads of different colours and shades. We also have products with different patterns.

    Playing with colours

    Remember that it often looks good if you "pick" a specific colour from a textile and use that colour as your theme. The colour doesn't need to be the only colour on the whole product. You don't, for example, need to buy a blanket that is entirely grey or entirely blue. Instead, you can go for a product that has different colours, and among those the colour you're looking for. Similarly, you can look for products with patterns that have the colour you're looking for. This means that it's a good idea to take a careful look through our range, so that you can find what you're looking for even if you don't know exactly what it is from the get-go.

    Dare to mix things up!

    Do you think it's hard to choose between different colours and styles? Don't be shy and avoid mixing and matching in a bold way. Choosing to have lots of different colours in your decor doesn't need to mean that your home is no longer aesthetic and stylish – on the contrary, it gives a liveliness and dynamism to the room in question. It also makes it extra exciting to browse through different decorative items when you're not bound to one colour scheme.

    Start with the little things

    Sometimes you find a little decorative detail that you fall head over heels for. If you want, you can use that little detail as the starting point for the rest of your decor. Maybe it's a cushion in exactly the right shade that you fall in love with? So why not choose the colour on your walls, or the wallpaper or furniture, to match that exact detail that you like so much? When decorating, you can start wherever you want. You don't always need to start with the big things. In fact, it often feels better to start with the small things.

    Trust your own feeling!

    When looking for decor inspiration, it can easily happen that you feel unsure about what would work in your home. You're not alone! It's not always a given that the styles you think look best would work in your own home. If this is the case, it can be good to just decorate a little at a time. That way, you don't need to change your whole style at once, in a way that could be both expensive and drawn-out. Instead, you can introduce the new things gradually. This way, things feel new and exciting, without being a big project.