Personal Christening pictures / Birth posters

Welcome to the world, little friend! Our personal christening and birth posters are usually an appreciated present for someone who's just had a baby, and they will make a nice element in the child's room.

Choose between several different sizes and styles, and see which best suits your requirements. Maybe you want the christening/birth poster to only have the child's name? Or do you also want the date of birth, length and weight?

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    Showing 38 products
    Showing 38 products

    Personalised christening poster - The perfect newborn or christening gift

    Today, not everybody decides to christen their baby, with many choosing instead to have a naming ceremony or similar. We want everybody to be able to welcome their child into the world with a unique and timeless birth poster, so our personalised birth posters are ideal for each and every family.

    With many eye-catching designs to choose from, we are certain it will be easy for you to find a personalised christening poster to suit every taste. In other words, have a browse through our selection and see what you like best!

    Cute or stylish?

    We all like to buy presents for children. Which is not so strange, since there is nothing more fun than children, and giving them gifts just makes being around them even more joyous. It's so easy to create an elegant or cute personalised christening poster from our selection, so pick which you think suits the baby best and let us do the rest!

    A personalised christening poster is admittedly more of a gift for the parents than the baby, since babies can't really appreciate such gifts. But of course as they become older, they will understand and appreciate the thought behind it and so rest assured that you are giving a timeless gift that will be treasured forever.

    We have designed many different styles of personalised birth posters so that everyone can find something to suit their own tastes. Some people love an adorably cute style, while others prefer a personalised christening poster with a cleaner, more stylish feel. Simply choose whatever style you like the most!

    You choose - we make!

    As you can see, there are many different variants of our personalised birth posters, and we have lots of different sizes and colours to choose from. The great thing about so many different designs and sizes is that it makes it possible to personalise these birth posters exactly how you wish.

    Whether a gift for your own newborn baby or a present for another child, a christening poster is a gift which is a cute addition to a nursery wall and one that can hang there for many years to come. It's lovely having a personalised christening poster on the wall to look at, as it takes you back in time and is also a reminder of how quickly they grow.

    Perhaps you'd like a picture in pink tones? Or maybe you'll decide on a cute baby animal on your personalised birth poster? How about a less fussy and more stylish design? No matter what your preference, we are sure you will find the perfect design here.

    Different sizes for different styles

    When considering what size your personalised christening poster should be, it's not just about how it will look on the wall in the nursery, but some designs simply look better in a bigger size and some are more suited to being a smaller size.

    Perhaps you want to buy a smaller one and frame it yourself instead of buying a bigger one that comes with a frame? With us, you can choose exactly what you'd prefer. If it's a large bedroom, maybe a big size would look good, or if it's a small and cosy nursery, perhaps a smaller design would be best. You wouldn't want your gift to take up the entire wall!

    What colour should I choose?

    When you browse our selection of personalised birth posters, you will see that many of them are available in different colours. It's clear to see which designs are available in different colours, so if you see a design you like but aren't sure about the colour, check if it comes in another colour.

    If you're still unsure about which colour to choose, we also have several designs in neutral colours. It might not be a bad idea to select neutral tones as they look good in every room, whatever the colour scheme.

    Great gift for a great price!

    We know it's not really the done thing to discuss the price of things and especially gifts, but when you buy a great present such as one of our personalised birth posters, for an equally great price, maybe it means you can also buy another little gift for the baby too!