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Create a warm and cosy feeling with our beautiful linen curtains in natural colours. Curtains in linen are great because they suit all kinds of different homes and the texture of linen is completely different when compared to other more traditional curtains. Choose linen curtains that are perfect for your home at BGASTORE.IE. Welcome to our magical world of linen curtains!

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    Curtains and others textiles made of linen have become seriously trendy. No wonder. Linen is a material that's have a rustic texture and feels very natural, so makes for very beautiful curtains, and also works with all different interior design styles. The beautiful texture of linen curtains makes them stand out from lots of other types of curtains as something truly unique.

    Linen curtains are available in lots of different colours, so it's not difficult to find a pair that appeals to you. White linen curtains are a classic choice that always look good in the home, regardless of the season, but there are also lots of other colours to choose from. For example, beige linen curtains are extremely stylish and trendy, as are grey linen curtains. Linen curtains in all these colours go well with lots of other things in the home. For those who appreciate more colour and contrast, there are also patterned linen curtains or coloured linen curtains that can brighten up your home!

    If you're unsure what colour to choose, you can start from the colours that are in the room around you. Maybe you want to draw out a colour in something else in the room with your linen curtains. For example, you could match your curtains to decorative cushions or create contrast between the colour of the walls and the curtains.


    There are different linen curtains to choose from, including ones made of heavier, coarser linen and others made of thin, airier linen. The type of linen curtain you should choose depends on what you prefer. The different types of curtain can create different looks in the room. Heavy linen curtains frame the window more markedly, while thin linen curtains feel more light and airy. Perhaps heavier linen curtains are best in the autumn and thin sheer linen curtains in the summer. With linen curtains, it's easy to chop and change different ones.


    Linen curtains are great in all kinds of different homes, and regardless of your interior design style, they'll enhance the look and feel of your room. They look good in rural homes as well as modern ones. It's nice to have such versatile curtains because you can easily change up the style of the room with different decorative pieces and pick a really nice pair of curtains that stay there as the base of the room.

    Another wonderful thing about linen curtains is that they look so good so in all different rooms of the home. They look just as beautiful in the kitchen as in the living room, and since they're available in so many different colours and patterns, you can choose a pair that goes well with the colour of the walls in any given space. Maybe you want a pair of airy linen curtains in a thin material in the kitchen, and thicker ones with a higher thread density in the living room? The choice is yours! Whatever you go for, your linen curtains will contribute to a timeless look in the room.


    It's important not to wash linen curtains too often. It's usually enough to just air your linen curtains, but if you have to wash them, it's important to do so on a programme for delicate textiles, for example a 30-degree delicates wash or similar. It's a good idea to wash your curtains in a nice smelling but gentle detergent, so when you have the windows open in summer, the wonderful summer breeze will carry in a lovely scent from the curtains. A very special summer luxury! After you've washed your linen curtains, don't tumble dry them. It's better to let them air dry to get those natural wrinkles that give linen curtains their stylish rustic character.


    When it comes to curtains, you have a lot of different options. Both in terms of hanging methods, material and curtain type. Two different options with linen curtains are valances and normal curtains. A linen valance is a truly beautiful option for kitchen windows that might be above kitchen counters or in rectangular hall windows. But of course, it's not just because of the limited space around the window that you should choose valances, it's also that they're perfect for these particular types of windows. Having said that, linen valances are truly beautiful and fit basically all different kinds of windows. If you have wide windows, you can also put several valances next to each other on a longer or multiple curtain rods.

    Classic curtains in linen are also a timeless choice and always a good idea. They frame a window beautifully and bring a great depth to the room. Beautiful linen curtains are also perfect when you're looking for a curtain that doesn't feel too heavy or coarse, as they, despite varying in terms of coarseness, generally contribute to a stylish, trendy feel in the home regardless.


    Picking the right curtains can feel tricky at times because there are just so many different options to choose from. This is especially true when it comes to colours and patterns. Linen curtains are always a safe choice and, regardless of whether you choose linen curtains or linen valances, you can rest assured that you'll get a pair of beautiful and stylish curtains. Linen curtains make a strong contribution to a better decorated home and make the space feel very cosy.