Grommet curtains

Adding curtains can have a dramatic effect on a room creating a wonderful atmosphere. For those looking for a simple and flexible solution to window dressing, eyelet curtains are the perfect choice!

An eyelet curtain fits directly onto the curtain pole allowing it to be easily drawn and adjusted by simply sliding the eyelets across the pole itself. The elegant wavy contours of eyelet curtains create a luxurious feeling and their easy of use make them perfect for rooms where you regularly need to adjust the amount of light you let in. Welcome to our collection when you’re looking for curtains with eyelets!

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    Curtains are the cherry on the cake in your home, making it complete. Grommet curtains are a luxurious, contemporary and simple alternative to choose from the different kinds of curtains available. With grommet curtains, all that's needed is a curtain pole that you stick through the grommets on the curtain – hence the name. Hanging this kind of curtain up is very quick and simple – a convenient solution that feels even better when the result still looks good. With grommet curtains you can add warmth and a splash of colour to your home, changing the atmopshere in an instant! If you've got a room without curtains, you'll be surprised by how much they add and how much more depth you give a room just by hanging up a pair. For those who just want a quick solution that still feels exclusive, a pair of grommet curtains is the best choice!

    With grommet curtains, it's easy to freshen up and create the look you're after in your home. Your home is your chance to let your personality be seen, and grommet curtains are a simple way to show off your style. No matter whether you're somebody who likes to follow trends, or if you prefer to go for timeless decor, your home is a place where you can allow your creativity to flourish. Maybe you're a bubbly person who wants a pair of colourful, patterned curtains. Or maybe you're a little more down-to-earth, and attracted to natural materials such as linen or cotton? The good news is that grommet curtains suit all rooms of the home. For example, they make for an elegant decorative detail in the living room. Alternatively, since they tend to be made from thick materials, they can also be used in a home office to protect your computer from the sun's rays. The characteristic wavy look of grommet curtains will make for a truly luxurious detail in your home, and will add a lot to your decor, no matter where you choose to hang them.


    Grommet curtains are just as aesthetic as they are practical. There are grommet curtains made from thick material with a very elegant, wavy look, and there are those made from thinner material. In other words, there's something for everybody, so that all and one can enjoy this convenient type of curtain! With the help of the grommets, you can adjust how the curtain looks by drawing it out along the pole. The more you draw it out, the bigger waves you get. If you want to make your window seem bigger than it is, you can go for a curtain pole that's wider than the window, allowing you to hang the curtains to the sides, making the window seem wider. Grommet curtains have a very luxurious design, no matter whether they're thin or thick. They can really help create a feeling that reminds you of a hotel room!

    Because grommet curtains are easy to open and close, they're aso a convenient way of shutting out light if you for a slightly thicker pair. That's why grommet curtains with thicker material are better for rooms where you might want it to be dark. To be able to easily close the curtains when you want to get a little extra sleep in the morning, or when you need to go to bed earlier than sunset, is a real luxury. There are lots of positives with choosing curtains with slightly thicker material. For example, they work well in rooms where you want to reduce the risk of being disturbed by noise. Curtains with stronger, thicker material can help reduce noise levels, and stop noises from outside coming in as easily. If you've got draughty windows, then thick curtains can also help to stop the cold from getting in. Conversely, they also keep the room temperature low when you close them to stop the sun getting in. In other words, convenient and functional!


    In our selection, you'll find lots of different types of grommet curtains, so you've got a lot of choice. If you've got lots of neutral colours in your home, you might want to choose a patterned pair of grommet curtains that really form a contrast to your more pared-back interior. Alternatively, if you've got lots of strong colours in your home, maybe you'll want a pair of grommet curtains in simple, neutral colours. Maybe you want a velvet curtain that creates an exclusive feeling in your home? One of the best things about curtains is how much you can change things up – it's so much fun to freshen up your home! Regardless of whether you want classic white grommet curtains, or sweet, flowery ones, you'll find them with us. If you've found the perfect pair of grommet curtains, but they're a little too long, don't worry! Curtains that are too long can easily be adjusted with the help of fusible bonding tape, allowing you to choose the exact length you want. Not hard at all! You usually want your curtains to have a 1 cm gap to the floor, to stop them looking too long or too short.

    There are lots of different grommet curtains to choose from, so it can be hard to decide which pair to go for. Happily, grommet curtains are very easy to change. Maybe you should get a pair of light ones with a lovely pastel colour for the spring, and a darker pair for the autumn, when you want things to be a bit cosier at home? Changing things with the seasons is a nice way to give a new feeling and atmosphere to your home. With grommet curtains, it's easy to create a new feeling in your home, so changing them round and creating new looks is a lot of fun! It's not necessarily that expensive either. With us, you'll find beautiful grommet curtains at affordable prices, so you don't need to compromise between aesthetics and functionality!