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Trivets are both attractive and functional. As it protects your table from heat and moisture, a trivet allows you to present your food directly from piping hot casserole and oven dishes for serving at the table. Dinner becomes easily accessible and the table setting looks great - perfect!

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    When you’ve been slaving away in the kitchen, it can be a relief to finally put the food on the table. As well as looking elegant and appetising, serving food directly from casserole or oven dishes is easier for you and allows everyone to serve themselves too! Cooking food can require high temperatures and kitchenware is often designed to hold that heat well. If you want to place your frying or sauce pans, casserole or oven dishes directly on your table or worktop, you’ll need something underneath to prevent that heat from damaging the surface. A trivet is specifically designed to protect your work surfaces and tables from damage from heat and moisture preventing burn marks, rings and other unsightly damage that might occur. These qualities make trivets an essential addition to your kitchen and dining room. Keep your trivets somewhere easily accessible and remember to get one out before you take the food out of the oven. That way, you won’t end up panicking with a hot pot in your hands!

    Trivets help protect your table from damage but they can also prevent you from burning your hands whilst serving food. If you’ve cooked using a very large oven dish, an oven tray or rack, a good tip is to place two trivets beside each other. That way, the dish or tray isn’t precariously balancing on just one. Buying practical items which making essential tasks like cooking and serving food easier is always a good idea. It feels good when everyday life goes off without a hitch.


    It’s easy to think that trivets are unimportant and easy to keep using the same old ones over and over again that you’ve had for years. However, it really is worth investing in some really nice ones. You’ll be surprised just how much of a visual effect they can have. A couple of stylish trivets can make your table settings so much more aesthetically pleasing. Just as other kitchen textiles can really add to the decor, well-chosen trivets can give you and your kitchen a professional look. The right set of trivets will suit every occasion from everyday meals to celebrations.

    Another good thing about trivets is that they don’t take up much storage space when they aren’t being used. This means it’s easy to find somewhere in a cupboard if you don’t want to leave them on display. Some trivets can even be hung up and used as an interior detail. Maybe you can match your trivets to the rest of your kitchen or use them to highlight the colour of another kitchen detail?


    We at BGA don’t think that you should have to choose between functional and aesthetical so we’re proud to be able to offer a range of trivets that are equally as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical. In our range, you’ll find beautiful trivets made from thick, durable textiles. Trivets are designed to be heat resistant and insulating so that you can rest assured that none of your surfaces will suffer damage. A trivet in a thick textile is also soft against both the surface of your table and the underside of your pots and pans.

    A trivet in thick wool can feel both romantic and unique and, at the same time, it can be modern and trendy. It really depends on the surrounding decor and how you choose to match your trivets. Materials can contribute differently dependant on the surrounding style. Replacing your dull old trivets for a couple of brand new stylish ones in thick durable textiles is a trendy way to upgrade your table setting. They’ll become an eye-catching detail that will capture the interest of your dinner guests.

    Trivets in 100% wool have the added function of being naturally both dirt and heat repellent. This means that the trivet is even more durable and an even better choice. It both protects and decorates simultaneously!


    Even though trivets are often hidden underneath pots and pans, they can still add something to your table setting. It can be a real pleasure when serving food to walk towards the table carrying a hot oven dish and be greeted by a stylish trivet. Using accessories can make your table setting more homely. Coordinating your trivets with other kitchen and table textilesis something that makes your kitchen more uniform and stylish. Rather than just protecting your table, trivets, coasters and table cloths become stylish design details.

    Protect your work surfaces and tables against damage from heat and moisture and prevent burn marks, rings and other unsightly stains. Check out our range of fine trivets above!