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There are many ways to dress a window but nothing looks as homely and warm as a textile blind. Blinds are mounted above a window and, should the sun shine in at a low angle, you can roll them down to give you some shade. In other words, a blind is much more than just a decorative feature. A trendy blind works especially well in the kitchen or anywhere you have multi-pane windows.

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    When it comes to different curtains and blinds, it's easy for roll-up blinds to be forgotten. This is a shame, because roll-up blinds are a very beautiful solution for your windows; they are versatile and serve many different functions.

    Roll-up blinds are one of the best options from all the different types of curtains and blinds if you want a curtain whose length you can easily adjust. With a roll-up blind, you can choose to have maximum light entry, or you can block out some light by rolling it down a bit. A roll-up blind often covers half of the window and is made of straight and resilient fabric. It can look a bit like a roller blind, but is often made of a thinner, sheer-like fabric that's not as thick as a blind. Since the length of a roll-up blind can be adapted, there might be some excess fabric at the bottom. This is often rolled up at the lower edge and on some roll-up blinds it's kept in place with cute little bows. A roll-up blind complements other curtain solutions by creating contrast. If you have traditional curtains in all rooms of your home, it can be nice to create contrast and variety with a nice roller blind.


    Another great thing about roll-up blinds is that they don't take up much space and therefore fit perfectly in a window without much space around it, for example, a kitchen window above a kitchen counter. Roll-up blinds are a classic choice in the kitchen, but that doesn't mean they don't look great in other rooms. Roll-up blinds can work perfectly if, for example, you have a lot of decorations on the window sill in the living room and don't want a curtain that hangs at the sides, or in the kid's room if you want extra space for toys on the floor. The reason they work so well in the kitchen might be because we need to be able to ventilate the space easily. Although the smell of food from the kitchen can be really nice, there are times at which it's less appreciated. It can just be a strong smell, sometimes we can burn the food and there's a lot of smoke, or we can simply want to air out the room after a cooking a big meal. On such occasions, it's nice to have a roll-up blind that doesn't cover the window too much so we can easily open it up and let the fresh air in.


    Roll-up blinds are suitable for lots of different windows and especially for wide windows that aren't as tall, such as three-part windows. When choosing a roll-up blind, it's important to first check what size your window is, so you know what size roll-up blind to choose. It's important to choose a blind that's slightly smaller than the size of the window so that it fits inside. A roll-up blind in the right size gives better proportions, which in turn makes for a more beautiful final result. There are lots of different roll-up blinds in different sizes so you can easily find one that fits your window perfectly. In our range, you'll find, for example, roll-up blinds in a size 160x90 cm and a smaller 100x90 cm, among many other sizes.

    When choosing a roll-up blind, you can choose between different materials and colours depending on the look you want to create with your window. If you want it to be a window that attracts attention, you can choose a roll-up blind in an attractive colour or a patterned one, or if you want the focus to be on other things in the room, you can choose a roll-up blind that's more neutral in its design . When choosing the colour, it's also important to think about how you want your roll-up blind to work. A dark blind can have a semi-blackout effect as light can have a harder time getting through the dark fabric, and a light roll-up blind makes for softer light in the room.

    Different lengths can also affect the entry of light, but something that's nice about roll-up blinds is that they're relatively easy to adjust, so you can easily change the length of the curtain, making it shorter or longer as you wish. For example, if your kitchen window is above the counter where you're cooking, you can lower the blind when the sun's low in the sky to avoid glare, and in the evening, when you might want to let the orange glow from the sunset in, you can raise it again. A great advantage of roll-up blinds is that you can easily adjust the length. Choose a roll-up blind that will accentuate your window and make it a stylish detail in your home.


    Even though roll-up blinds aren't exactly blackout curtains, they can prevent strong sunlight from shining in. A roll-up blind doesn't darken the entire room, but still, often, depending on how thick it is, it lets only a soft light into the room. This can be nice when you don't want it the whole room to be dark but you want to be able to watch an episode of your favourite series without being blinded by the sun or disturbed by the light reflecting off the TV. Sometimes it's the case that you want to avoid very strong sunlight, but don't want a full black-out effect, and then a roll-up blind works really well!

    Another thing that's good about a roll-up blind is that it provides a certain level of privacy. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, this can be a nice feature. Maybe you live in an area with a lot of neighbours or ground-floor apartment or just have views onto the house opposite? Then a little privacy can be nice. A roll-up blind can also be perfect if you have a bathroom window that's not frosted, as it covers most of the window but can be raised easily.