Stylish napkins can really lift a simple table setting and take it to the next level! Fabric napkins, especially, give a feeling of luxury as well as being an environmentally friendly alternative to paper napkins. Whether they’re elaborately folded or not, a napkin always elevates a table setting! Here you’ll find beautiful cloth napkins in materials such as cotton and ramie – in single colours as well as patterned!

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    Napkins – add style to your table

    Laying the table nicely isn't so common these days. Instead, people are a lot more casual about how their dining table looks, whether they're dining alone or have guests. However, it can be a bit of fun to put a tablecloth, some candles, flowers and napkins on the table from time to time. Not just as a little everyday luxury, but also as a fun surprise for guests! In times gone by, white linen napkins were the main kind used when laying the table – but we've also got colourful, patterned kinds. Everybody can find the right napkin with us!

    Luxury and style

    With this kind of extra accessory, you can easily give your style a new look. Laying the table with napkins doesn't just make it look better – it also makes it look more luxurious. With aesthetic tableware, you can give a stylish touch to even the most humble of weekday meals. It's no bad thing to have turned something that ordinarily feels a bit boring to an exciting, festive meal! If you use napkins when eating spaghetti bolognese on a Monday evening, you'll see that it starts to feel more like you're eating lobsters and champagne!

    Napkins – highly fashionable

    Sprucing up your home with small things like napkins is perfect, as it is both cheap and does a lot for the whole feeling of your decor. If the kitchen is feeling a little boring, then all you need to do is lay the table with attractive decorative details – it will feel fun again straight away. If you feel like your table is missing a bit of colour and patterns, you can always spruce it up using a nice tablecloth, napkins, placemats, a nice vase and so on. Let your imagination flow, and remember that setting the table is an opportunity to both think outside the box and to go wild! Right now, retro styles are in, as is allowing your home to look lively. In other words, napkins, which give a retro feeling, are the perfect decorative detail for this, especially if you strew them over your table with a little fashionable carelessness! Neat, well-ironed napkins are a little less on-trend, but of course you can have that, if you want! You can style your laid table exactly as you like!

    Sustainable and cool in one

    Something that we really like with napkins is that they give such a cool feeling. The fact that they're also a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice compared to paper serviettes makes choosing cloth napkins even more modern. Happily, combining functionality and aesthetics with environmentally friendly choices these days is so easy, and by buying napkins that can be washed again and again, you'll feel extra proud of your nicely laid table. The stylish look that this kind of napkin will give your table is likely to make your dinner guests green with envy, so it's not impossible that you could start a trend among your friends of choosing cloth napkins!

    Colourful and patterned or muted?

    Some people like decor that is colourful and has lots of patterns, while others like a more muted style. Laying the table and decorating for parties is lots of fun, since you can really go wild. Even if you have a classically Scandinavian, stylistically simple home, there's nothing to say that you can't go for an exciting laid table with loads of colour. And even the opposite is true. If you usually go for lots of colour, but think it would be nice to go with a pared-back and minimalistic table for once, why not? Just go for it. Dare to test new things - that way, you won't get sick of your own style!

    Match with napkin rings

    If you go for napkins, then it looks great if you also choose napkin rings as a complement. Why not have both when you can? It's fun going all in, and napkin rings are undoubtedly a good example of that. Where you put the napkins on your table is up to you. There are loads of great tips and ideas about what looks best. Maybe you've seen a nicely laid table somewhere and want to make one inspired by that? Or maybe you've come up with a nice theme all by yourself? No matter which one it is, napkin rings are great for when you want to really go for a nicely laid table.

    Attractive and practical

    Of course, these days napkins aren't used on a daily basis. But whenever you actually do lay the table with napkins, you realise how practical they are. There are, simply put, lots of advantages to using napkins. The fact that they fill more than just the function of making your laid table look nice and fashionable is just a bonus!