What could be worse than the sight of an ugly and boring dishcloth in your beautiful and painstakingly decorated kitchen? Get rid of those single use dishcloths and replace them with some stylish new fabric dishcloths that can be easily washed and reused. Your kitchen will look nicer and it’s more environmentally friendly – perfect! Welcome to BGASTORE.IE and find your new fabric dishcloths!

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    Make a smart choice and go for cleaning cloths made from textiles for your kitchen instead of single-use cloths! A dishcloth is a must-have in any kitchen, allowing you to clean off dinner tables and wipe up water splashed around your sink. But a good dishcloth has even more uses than that! Dishcloths and cleaning cloths made from textiles are perfect for cleaning the whole home. You can wipe down the kitchen and dust off many other surfaces simply and conveniently with a textile cleaning cloth, and the result will be squeaky clean. They're easy to have on hand in the kitchen to quickly wipe up any breadcrumbs after a snack, or to get rid of those coffee rings left by your cup. You can even keep some in your cleaning cupboard to dust with when needed. In other words, they're perfect for cleaning with. The best thing about dishclothes made from textiles is that they're also more aesthetically pleasing, making for a very attractive decorative detail in your home.

    The fact that your nice new dishcloth has good absorption is, of course, an advantage, since it will be able to absorb water without making a surface wet. You can use a good dishcloth with high absorption to clean and dry off different kinds of surface – such as a beautiful living room table – without having to worry about scratching them. So when you choose your dishcloth, it can be a good idea to check which material it's made from. Cotton and linen are examples of materials that are better at absorbing liquid and damp. It's also important that the dishcloth is made from a durable material. For example, cotton is a material that is both durable and very soft. A cotton dishcloth can, in other words, be a very good choice!


    Does it feel strange to go for a dishcloth that you're going to use time and again? It's said that dishcloths are one of the biggest sites for bacteria in our homes – a place where dirt simply grows and thrives. That's why some are put off buying discloths made from textiles. But choosing a textile discloth is something that benefits both you and the environment. Furthermore, if you take care of it in the right way, you can keep it clean and fresh for longer!

    Textile dishcloths can be washed in a washing machine or boiled in a pot together with a little water and washing liquid, washing up liquid or sodium bicarbonate. This will get rid of bacteria and make your discloth like new. Always follow the washing instructions on your cleaning cloth or dishcloth. A normal single-use cloth only needs to be changed once a week to stop the bacteria from thriving there, so it can be a good idea to wash textile cloths similarly often. If you wash your cloth once a week you'll keep it clean and fresh. It can be a good idea to buy a little stock of them, so that you have enough to change them between washes. Maybe you want to use one for dusting and another for wiping down kitchen worksurfaces. If so, it can be a good idea to have different colours, in order to be able to distinguish between them! It's very important (and hygienic!) to use different cleaning cloths for the kitchen and the bathroom. You should also wash them after every use. That way, you reduce the spread of bacteria, and colour coding your cloths will help keep them separate.

    Between washes, you can keep your discloth clean by rinsing it in really cold water and hanging it up to air. This works because bacteria are keen on neither the cold nor air. If you choose to use a textile dishcloth, then you make an environmentally choice and do something good for the environment, at the same time as making it easier for yourself, since you don't need to think about buying new dishcloths every time you go shopping.

    Another positive aspect of textile dishcloths is that they have a lot longer lifespans than single-use plastic cloths. Thanks to the durable material, they last longer, and you can wash them many times over. Thanks to these properties, textile cloths are a significantly more environmentally friendly choice for your kitchen.


    The advantages of choosing a textile dishcloth aren't limited to function. A textile dishcloth is also a much better choice aesthetically speaking. It's such a shame that single-use dishclothes come in clashing colours that look ugly in any kitchen – but we are, of course, forced to have them, since everybody needs a dishcloth. That's why textile cloths are a perfect alternative! By choosing textile dishclothes, you've got a lot more room to choose what you actually want. Regardless of if it's a lovely, colourful cloth, or one in a more discreet, beautiful colour that blends in well with the rest of your decor, you'll be able to find the exact colour you want. A textile dishcloth gives you the opportunity to think of all the details and decorate your kitchen with care.

    Trying to make your daily life work is complicated enough! Choosing better products and better cleaning accessories makes a big difference, making daily chores and boring necessities that little bit easier to do. Check out our selection of beautiful, useful dishcloths that make your day easier!