Blackout curtains

No matter how much we love bright sunny days, it can occasionally be nice to shut out the light – especially during long summer nights! In these situations, a blackout curtain is the perfect solution! Blackout curtains keep the room both dark and cool, so that you can get a good night's sleep.

As well as keeping the room dark, blackout lined curtains are also very aesthetically pleasing. Blackout lined curtain lengths are a luxurious and elegant decorative detail that creates a hotel-like feeling in your home. Check out our selection and be inspired by our blackout curtains in different colours and materials!

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    Of course it's important to have a light and airy home, but sometimes you just want to shut out the light. When, for example, you're really tired on a bright summer's evening, or if you just want to have a lie-in when the sun's rays are creeping through the window. In these situations, it's blackout curtains to the rescue! Blackout curtains help to keep your room dark when you want to, and, as well as being very functional, they're also decorative! Blackout curtains are an attractive decorative detail that add a little depth to your home, making it feel more inviting and warmer. A pair of blackout curtains is often made from a thicker material, giving them a wavier, more luxurious look. Long blackout curtains can make your home feel like a hotel room, making it feel more exclusive. And who doesn't want to create that perfect hotel feeling at home? Check out our selection of attractive blackout curtains and find a pair that suit your home!


    Decorating with curtains that are both functional and beautiful doesn't just look good, it's also a smart idea. Blackout curtains especially are the perfect choice for a bedroom. They don't just shut out the light – they also dampen noise, which can improve your sleep! It can be a good idea to choose blackout curtains that are a few centimetres wider than the window. That way, you can be sure that no light will get in around the sides. Blackout curtains can also stop unwanted heat from getting into the room during the night, keeping the room both cool and dark, which is very comfortable for sleeping in.

    But you don't, of course, need to stick rigidly to the bedroom! Blackout curtains also work perfectly well in lots of other rooms. Take the living room, for example. There, blackout curtains can look really luxurious, and help stop light from the window reflecting on your TV. In the home office, heavy, thick blackout curtains also work well for reducing noise levels and stopping the sun's rays from reaching your computer screen. Blackout curtains are also perfect for the children's room, as they can help make the room dark when the children go to bed while it's still light outside. You can adjust how much light you want to let into your apartment or house by drawing the curtains further out to the side. As you can see, a nice pair of blackout curtains suits all kinds of rooms of the home! No matter which room you put them in, they'll add an elegant touch, and make for a beautiful, sophisticated decorative detail – the perfect choice for anywhere you want to rest, sleep or watch TV. Another advantage with blackout curtains is that they can protect furniture from getting bleached by the sun, and also work as a way of getting privacy if you live directly opposite your neighbours and/or on the ground floor. This can help make your home feel safer.


    Another good idea is to use blackout curtains as an aesthetic, simple room divider. Maybe you share your bedroom with somebody else? In that case, it can make things more comfortable if you hang a thick curtain up as a room divider. This is an affordable and simple way to divide the room in two, and get a little more privacy. At the same time, a blackout curtain will do a lot for the aesthetic of the room as a whole. Blackout curtains can also be used to screen off a bed in a small apartment, for example if you have a sleep alcove. This both looks better and makes it cosier. Blackout curtains can also work as aroom dividers if you want to screen off a corner of a larger room, such as an office corner in the living room. You can do this simply by hanging the curtains from a rail in the ceiling. Bear in mind that if you choose to hang blackout curtains from the ceiling, they should be slightly longer than ordinary curtains.


    It looks great if you match several different curtains together. If you hang up two curtain poles next to each other, or use ceiling rails that have multiple tracks, then you can, for example, hang up a pair of thinner, more delicate curtains behind your blackout curtains. Because blackout curtains tend to be thicker, they can be matched well with thinner curtains, to create a nice contrast and stopping them from looking too heavy. For example, why not match your blackout curtains with thin lace curtains, creating a romantic look? Or, alternatively, you could also match them with different materials and colours to create a dynamic look.


    In our selection, you'll find multiway blackout curtains. Multiway curtains are curtains which you can hang up in several different ways – through the curtain's grommets, through the sewn-in loop, or with finger hooks or rings. In other words, multiway curtains allow you to choose which hanging method works best and is most convenient for you. Multiway curtains increase your options!


    Maybe you've found the perfect curtains but they're far too long? Lots of people hang their blackout curtains on an ordinary curtain pole, which can both look good and be a convenient soluton. But you can also hang them from a rail in the ceiling. This way, you can really create a luxurious hotel room aesthetic. When you hang a pair of curtains from the ceiling, they often have to be longer in order to reach the floor and not leave a gap. Bear in mind that you should check the measurements before you buy, since there are usually a couple of different kinds of blackout curtains to choose from. When you use a curtain pole, it's easier to put the curtains exactly where you want to. You can hang them right next to the window and give it a nice framing, or you can put them more around the window, to make it look bigger. If the blackout curtains that you're interested in are still too long, it's easy to fix them so that they're the right length. With the help of fusible bonding tape, you can easily adjust the length of your curtains, allowing you to customise how long they are. This makes it really easy to adapt your blackout curtains to your winodw!