With a nice throw for a double or single bed, you can quickly and easily create a harmonious atmosphere and a luxurious hotel feeling in your bedroom! A throw or bedspread also has the practical function of protecting your duvets and pillows throughout the day. In our range, you can choose between throws and bedspreads in a variety of lovely materials, colours and thicknesses. Welcome to our range of throws and bedspreads!

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    Showing 3 products

    Throws – cosy and comfortable

    Making your bed cosy and comfortable with the help of an attractive throw is an easy way to make your bedroom feel extra nice! If you want, you can alternate between different throws according to the season, so that they suit the temperature and general feeling of the weather. That way, you can buy more than just one throw. Fun, right?

    Practical and fun with nice throws

    Textiles that are fun, attractive and practical get a big thumbs up from us. What could be better than multi-functional decor? Throws are everything you could want in one product, so invest in an attractive throw to give your bedroom a new feeling.

    A quick way to freshen up your bedroom!

    The right throw can quickly freshen up a room, and with an attractive colour you can easily match the throw with the rest of your decor. It's often a good idea to begin with textiles of one kind or another when deciding what colours and feelings a room should have. You can also start with the foundational colour of the room, and choose a throw as an accent colour. This will give the room a tranquil, fashionable and harmonious look.

    Loads of lovely colours!

    Luckily, there are throws for all tastes, so there are throws for all styles and all kinds of home. When choosing the colour of your throw, you should take several things into consideration. Does it suit the rest of the decor in the bedroom? Is it the right quality and material? If, for example, you have heavy velvet curtains in your bedroom, then it can look good to match them with a heavier throw. If, instead, your bedroom has more lightweight textiles and a generally "lighter" feeling, then it can be good to go for a throw in a lighter material.

    Luxurious and elegant

    A throw can make a room feel both luxurious and elegant, making throws a quick and convenient way to renovate. A throw is also a great idea for those living in smaller, big-city apartments. Putting a throw on the bed makes it possible to use it both as a space to sleep and as a sofa. Just place a throw over your bed, and you've got yourself a modern and laid-back place to sit and chat.

    Which size should I choose?

    If you find a smaller throw that you like, but which isn't really big enough, it can be a good idea to buy two identical ones and lay them a little slapdash over the bed. This looks nice and gives your bed a fashionably dishevelled look. If you just want to have one throw, then all you need to do is choose one which suits the size of your bed. Remember that it's important to choose whether you want a throw that covers the whole bed all the way down to the ground, or if you want a shorter one. For example, maybe you want to combine a bed skirt with a throw? In this case, a smaller throw looks great. Or maybe you want a throw for a bed without legs? In that case, it's best to choose a throw that covers the mattress, making your bed look cool, fashionable and laid-back.

    Hotel feeling in a jiffy!

    There's nothing more luxurious than creating a hotel feeling in your bedroom. Everybody wants that fresh, clean and white, crisp hotel room style, and it's easy to recreate with the right choice of throw and bedclothes. Choose a soft throw that gives exactly the right feeling, and you'll get a Scandinavian, stylistically simple luxurious and clean decor.

    Different throws for different styles

    Maybe the minimalistic, white and "fresh" style isn't really your thing? Do you prefer a bedroom that's a little cooler and more unique? In that case, go for a darker throw, giving the room a different feel.

    Protect your duvets and pillows

    Throws create a harmonious feeling in a room, and also make things feel neater. Throws also help to protect pillows and duvets during the day, so that the right choice of throw keeps your bedroom stylish at the same time as keeping your pillows and duvets clean for when it's time to sleep!