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Add some extra years to the lifespan of your mattress by protecting it with a mattress protector. A layer of protection for your mattress keeps it clean and fresh whilst also reducing general wear and tear. A mattress protector is also much easier to remove and wash. Welcome to our collection of mattress protectors!

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    Mattress protectors and bed toppers are a must-have for your bed! Who doesn't want to sleep in a fresh and stain-free bed? With a mattress protector you can keep your bed in good condition and clean for longer, at the same time as reducing wear and tear on both the bed itself and the mattress. This is good both for you and for the environment. Buying a mattress protector and bed topper to protect your bed is a smart idea, and it helps lengthen your bed's lifespan dramatically. Furthermore, you'll find mattress protectors in our selection that are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which guarantees that the product is tested and found to be environmentally friendly, allergen free and free from harmful substances.

    Mattress protectors and bed toppers come in several different sizes, so you'll be able to find one with the exact size you're looking. We've got both ordinary mattress protectors measuring 180x200 cm and 90x200, medium sizes measuring 105x200 cm, and extra large mattress protectors measuring 210x200 cm! Check out our selection of mattress protectors in different sizes and find the one that's exactly right for you and your bed.

    There's a lot of positives with having different kinds of mattress cover. Apart from the obvious protective function, some mattress protectors help to regulate the temperature of your bed, make it more allergy-friendly, and protect against liquids. This can, for example, be very useful for the children's room when your little one is making the transition from nappies. Many mattress protectors can also absorb moisture. This helps you to sleep comfortably while your mattress protector absorbs sweat and dirt. A beed topper protects your bed against dirt, liquids and dust, both on the top and sides. It can also help to prevent mites in your mattress. Another plus point is that mattress protectors and bed toppers make it easy to keep your bed clean. We spend a lot of time in our beds, so it's not strange that they can get quite dirty. Unlike a bed's outer material, mattress protectors and bed toppers are easy to take off and wash. It also means that you don't need to vacuum clean the bed as regularly. Buying mattress protectors and bed toppers is, in other words, a great choice. There are things in life that are more fun than washing and cleaning! Our mattress protectors and bed toppers can be washed at 60 degrees.


    It's easy to confuse mattress protectors and bed toppers with each other. Maybe you're wondering what the difference actually is? You put a mattress protector directly on top of your mattress. You then put a sheet over the mattress protector. That way, the mattress protector acts as extra protection for your mattress. A bed topper is often made from stretch terrycloth, and is stretched over the bottom of the bed, under the mattress, to protect the bottom of the bed – both from the top and the sides. Both of these products are worth considering, and having one doesn't mean you can't have the other. Protecting your mattress and bed with different covers also helps prolong its lifespan and retain its quality.

    Both bed toppers and mattress protectors come in several different sizes, and are often elasticated to ensure a perfect fit. A mattress protector, when covered by the sheet, won't be visible. A bed topper, on the other hand, is a little more prominent. That's why we've got lots of different colours to choose from, so that you can choose one that suits the rest of your decor! A white or black bed topper are neutral choices that are likely to suit the colours of your bed. But did you know that you can also choose bed toppers in beige or grey? These are also timeless choices that look good combined with lots of other colours in your home.


    If you think that your bed is a little too hard, a mattress protector can be a good choice! There are lots of different kinds of mattress protector, and some have more filling than others, meaning that they feel softer. Most of our mattress protectors are quilted, fitted and padded. This means that they can bring extra comfort to your bed! Get that soft feeling you've been wanting in your bed – get a mattress protector!

    Our mattress protectors also have fitted corners and elasticated corner bands, meaning that you can be sure that your mattress protector will stay in place all night long. This means that you can sleep more comfortably and avoid a lumpy surface. Prioritising good comfort is something that everybody should do! Not much beats waking up well rested and with energy for the day to come. You'll experience this if you have good sleep routines and sleep comfortably.


    It's important to have a bed that feels inviting and nice to relax in. Above all, it's crucial that you feel comfortable sleeping in it. There are lots of different ways of laying the bed. While some prefer a more relaxed and aesthetic style, others prefer a neat, well-made bed that reminds them of a hotel room. Regardless of how you choose to lay your bed, it's important to begin with a bed topper and a mattress protector at the bottom, allowing you to make the bed in the way that suits you. A solid foundation is important, as it means that you'll avoid having to replace parts of your bed when, for example, they get stains on them. These useful bedroom textiles also make your bed more allergy-friendly, which is, of course, also very important. When you've got your mattress and bed in place, you can sleep safe and sound in the knowledge that you've made an environmentally friendly choice and don't need to worry about accidents, dust, mites or dirt. In other words, everything will help you improve your quality of sleep.