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Treat yourself to the luxury of a home spa! Here you will find wash mitts and flannel cloth gloves that are perfect for a more luxurious shower, face wash or a wonderful body massage? A towelling mitt helps to exfoliate your body and removes dead cells from the skin's outer layer making you feel soft and smooth after your shower!

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    Something which is needed in every bathroom, but which is easy to forget, is wash gloves! A wash glove is a practical item used for all kinds of body and face-washing. Maybe you're not quite sure what the difference between a wash glove and a flannel is? A wash glove is more or less like a flannel, but wash gloves are designed like gloves, with a snug fit that keeps them on your hands during use. In other words, both are useful, and both fill slightly different functions. As is often the case with textiles, having one doesn't exclude having the other – in fact, the more the better! Beautiful and practical bathroom textiles in your bathroom are a must-have, and a wash glove is really something you ought to get. A wash glove has lots of practical uses. You can use them for careful cleaning of both your face and your body, and you can use them to exfoliate your skin in a gentle fashion. If you use a slightly dampened wash glove, it can create a gentle scrubbing effect on your skin, helping to remove dead skin cells. If you really soak them, then they become even softer, and you can use soap for a nice whole-body wash. In other words, wash gloves can be used for both wet and dry scrubbing – it's up to each individual's tastes. A wash glove can be used to gently massage tender muscles, and can help to stimulate blood circulation. By using a wash glove, you'll achieve a deep cleaning effect, which can feel a little luxurious. Why not set aside one evening every week where you can give yourself a little home spa, scrub your skin with a wash glove, and then apply a little skincare products? The result will leave your skin feeling soft and beautiful! Use your wash glove together with mild soap or softening shower oil to achieve a comfortable clean. Few things are so worth it as feeling relaxed and fresh after a lovely shower.


    In our selection, you'll find wash gloves made from 100% soft cotton terrycloth. A mixture of both cotton and terrycloth means that this wash glove has good absorption and feels very comfortable to the touch. There are several different colours to choose between, so you'll be able to match your wash glove with the rest of the decor in your bathroom. All wash gloves have a nice little loop in one corner, allowing you to hang them up and make them into a beautiful little decorative detail in your home! Why not match your wash glove with your hand towels and bath towels in the same colour in your bathroom? Or, if you prefer contrasts, then you can create them by choosing different colours, giving your bathroom a livelier look. All our bathroom textiles come in lots of different colours, all of which can still be nicely matched with each other. No matter whether you're looking for a grey, white or pink wash glove, you'll find it with us! With bathroom textiles, it's important to bear in mind that it doesn't need to be a choice between form and function. We offer wash gloves that are both high-quality and which are very functionall. Choosing a good wash glove will make it to your new favourite textile!


    A wash glove really makes you think of a spa and taking the time to take care of yourself. Why not make a little spa kit that you can keep in a box in your bathroom, so that a little spa treat is never far away? Make it a routine and set aside an hour or two for yourself a couple of times a week. Prepare a little box with a wash glove, flannels and care products for both body and hair. A wash glove is a must-have in any spa box, and can be used both for your body and face to give a lovely, deep clean. Taking care of yourself is positive for your outside and, above all, for your inside. You can look upon it almost as therapy – taking the moment for yourself. Decorating a beautiful bathroom with practical bathroom textiles, where everything you need is always close to hand, will give a lovely, relaxed feeling to your home. Make your bathroom into a place where you'll want to stay an extra while during your morning or evening routine. A nice spa kit with a wash glove is also the perfect present. What about giving one to a friend on their birthday, or to a parent that you want to treat? It'll almost certainly be apprecaited by anybody.


    Making environmentally friendly choices is always good, and perhaps even more so when it's with products that you use often. Our wash gloves are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This means that our wash gloves are free from harmful substances and chemicals that can affect the environment or your health negatively. Our wash gloves can also be washed at 60 degrees, meaning that you can wash them regularly. This means that you can reuse your wash glove many times, and avoid single-use products, making them extra climate-friendly. Choosing cotton terrycloth wash gloves is also good because they have a longer lifespan than products made from plastic, which must be replaced often. What's more, cloth wash gloves don't release plastic particles into your drainage. Check out our selection and choose a wash glove that's good for you and our environment.