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Putting a bedside table next to your bed doesn't just give you a much needed surface for all your things – it also helps to make your bedroom feel nice and cosy. One or two bedside tables really frame your bed and help set the tone for the room. Check out our selection of bedside tables!

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    Bedside table – cosiness and functionality in the bedroom

    The bedroom is one of the most important rooms when it comes to design and choice of decor. As if it weren't enough that you need to choose the right colours to make you relax, it's also important to choose practical and comfortable bedroom furniture. It's not just the bed that needs to be perfect. The rest of the furniture needs to work 100% too. The bedside table is one such piece of bedroom furniture. Remember, therefore, to buy a bedside table that you think is a good choice both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

    Bedside table with or without drawers

    Whether you want a bedside table with or without drawers is all about what you need in terms of practicalities. But it can also affect how the table looks. For example, even if you don't need a bedside table with two drawers, it can be that you really like how that kind of bedside table looks. The same could be true of a bedside table with just one drawer. Maybe you think that you actually need more storage, but that a bedside with less storage looks better?

    Give a new look to your bedroom with a new bedside table

    Sometimes, a new bedside table is all that's needed to bring some new inspiration to your bedroom. There are bedside tables for all tastes, so they're one of the easiest kinds of furniture to adapt to the rest of the decor. Maybe you moved recently, and just found a bedside table that you love? Why not base the rest of your decor on that? It's nice to have one piece of furniture, one type of wallpaper, or another kind of decorative detail to base everything on. Instead of just always going for the same old colour when buying new items for the bedroom, it can be nice to mix things up a bit. For example, both heavy velvet curtains and thin lace or cotton curtains can look good in a bedroom. The same goes for furniture. Things look just as good bright and fresh as they do dark.

    Fashionable bedside tables spruce things up!

    Having an on-trend bedside table will give your bedroom a nice lift. And if you have two bedside tables, then it looks twice as good! Maybe you want a bedside table that's more than ordinary? There are loads of exciting products to choose from in this category, so all you need to do is start choosing your favourites. Do you think it's a waste of money to jump on the latest interior design trends, only for them to quickly disappear? Try to think about how good it is while it lasts. Later, when you feel like changing the style of your bedroom, you can either repaint your bedside table, sell it, or keep it.

    Bedside tables – a decor hero!

    A good bedside table is a lifesaver for any home. Having a bedside table next to your bed doesn't just look good. It also gives you a good place to put your things. Most of us have books, a phone, a glass of water and other bits and pieces next to our beds, so we could all do with a bedside table with a lot of space. If you know that you keep lots of stuff next to your bed, it's good to take that into consideration when you choose a bedside table. On the other hand, if you're the kind of person that doesn't keep much next to your bed, you probably don't need such a big bedside table. Have a think about the surface size you need, and think about whether you want a bedside table with or without a drawer or shelves.

    Match or mix?

    Yep, that's the constant question – should I match everything in the room, or should I take the chance to mix different colours and styles? Some prefer a more relaxed decor, while others prefer things more kitschy and dynamic. Which are you? Do you want a lively bedroom decor, or do you want a more pared-back style? It's up to everybody to decide individually, but you can always experiment to try and find the best style for your bedroom.

    High or low bedside table?

    It's not just the style and design of a bedside table that are important. You also need to get the right height in relation to the bed. You want to be able to use your bedside table as a practical free space, and for that to work, it needs to be roughly the same height as the bed. Some like high beds, while others thing lower beds are cosier. There's no right and wrong here. You just need to choose that which suits you best.