Shelves are versatile! They're practical as a form of storage, and a really functional way of using your walls. But it's easy to forget that they can be used as nice decorative details! For example, why not use a picture rail for stylish posters and framed photos, or an elegant shelf for small decorative items? Take a look at our selection of stylish shelves!

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    Shelves – storage at its very best!

    With good, attractive shelves in your home, you don't just get a practical way of storing things. A shelf can also do a lot for a room aesthetically. Since shelves can be used in all rooms, you don't need to go for just one. If you find several shelves that you like, you can put them in different rooms. That way, you can fill your home with loads of nice shelves, and use them both to store things and to fill your home with attractive design. Maybe you've got a wall that you don't know what do with? In that case, a picture shelf or a normal shelf of another kind might be the answer!

    Shelves as decor

    A shelf can be so much more than just a place for storage. Among our shelves, you'll find attractive shelves that look good on the wall, no matter whether you have anything on them! There are, in other words, not just different shelves for all tastes. There are also shelves that fill different functions. It's smart to think outside the box when it comes to decor, and this is as true of shelves as it is of other decorative details. If you have a small home, it can be a good idea to go for lots of shelves, allowing you to store lots of things without taking up too much space.

    Practical shelves

    Is there anything better than having lots of practical furniture? Regardless of what kind of furniture we're talking about, it's fun to spruce things up, and shelves are a fantastic example of a super practical kind of furniture. Maybe it's mainly books that you want to store on your shelves? Great – there are shelves that are perfect for that very function! Or maybe you're looking for a shelf for smaller objects, house plants, vinyl records or something else? No matter what kind of shelf you need, you can be sure to find exactly the right shelf for you. Picture shelves are a good example of smart shelves. They don't take up a lot of space, but are great for putting pictures on. What could be better!

    Minimalism or maximalism?

    What's your style? Do you think minimalistic decor looks best, or are you more comfortable with the opposite – a maximalistic decor? Minimalism is typically Scandinavian, while maximalism is a little more unusual, bold, more kitschy and mixed. With shelves, you can create the style of your choosing. Whether you want things stylistically simple, or whether you think more is more, our shelves can create exactly the style you're looking for, at the same time as being functional.

    Shelves - a quick way to get tasteful decor

    The good thing about shelves is that they can be used to store so much at the same time as having a tasteful, attractive look. Whether you want to create an Instagram-friendly bookshelf, or whether you want to make a personal shelf for your most cherished possessions, your room will get a real lift when you hang up one of our shelves. Remember that it looks good if you let the shelf do its job and create a nice, harmonious aesthetic. Even if you've got lots of different things to put on it, the right choice of shelf can give a well thought-out impression.

    A good free space

    You can hang shelves both high up and low down. Depending on what kind of shelf it is, and depending on what you want to use if for, a shelf can work well as a convenient free space. For example, if you have a shelf in the hall, it can be perfect to use it for keys, gloves and the like. Having things on show at home makes it look both lively and cosy. You don't necessarily need to hide things to make your home look nice and fresh! With Scandinavian design, you know that you always get good quality. And that's important for all kinds of furniture, including shelves. You want to know that you can use your shelves for anything, and that they're durable. Going for a good quality shelf means that you can be on the safe side, both in terms of reducing wear and tear and having high durability. Go for shelves that appeal to you, and mix up the new and the fashionable with mementos and things you've inherited. This will make things cosy as well as fashionable and attractive.