Table runners

A decorative table runner is a long, thin tablecloth which can be used either directly on the tabletop or over an ordinary tablecloth. The perfect way to spruce up the evening’s table setting! Here you’ll find both stylish monochrome and beautiful marbled table runners in a variety of materials. Maybe you're looking for a table runner with a fringed edge? Whatever you want, you’ll find it here in our collection of beautiful table runners!

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    Showing 32 products

    Tablerunners – creative decoration

    Tablerunners are smaller than ordinary tablecloths, which means that they cover a smaller area on the table. This means that putting your style right at the centre of your decor is easier with a tablerunner than with a tablecloth. In other words, it's significantly easier to lay the table exactly how you want with a tablerunner compared with a large tablecloth. To make your interior design as creative as possible, you can get inspiration from others, for example by taking a look in magazines and on Instagram. But, in fact, most of us have the skills and imagination needed to come up with creative decor ourselves. It's all about daring to experiment.

    Classic or fashionable?

    With a tablerunner can you easily set the tone of your decor. You can quickly give either a classic or fashionable touch to your laid table and the atmosphere in the room. So by putting the right tablerunner in the right place can you change your decor style in a way that's exciting and fun. Even if you usually have a classic style at home, maybe you want to go for a fashionable look on your table for a certain occasion? In that case, you should definitely go for a cool tablerunner which gives you exactly that special, fashionable feeling. This will give your decor a touch of fashion at the drop of a hat! You can then match it with other fashionable details, such as napkins, porcelain, flowers and more.

    Practical and fashionable in one!

    Tablerunners aren't just practical, they can also fill a purely decorative function on the table. Sometimes a tablerunner is all that's needed on a table to give it a fashionable feeling. We all want to enjoy being in our homes, and most of us like combining aesthetics with functionality. Tablerunners can work in both of these ways, but there are also tablerunners that work better for the one thing than the other. If you're really keen on using tablerunners on your table, it can be a good idea to have both functional and aesthetically pleasing kinds at home.

    Layer upon layer

    A good example of a truly attractive laid table is when you have a large tablecloth with a tablerunner on top. This way, you can mix and match however you want, giving your table a dynamic and exciting appearance. It's more fun eating at an aesthetically pleasing table, regardless of whether you have guests over or are just eating alone. It's easy to get used to how your table looks and forget to change it. But you should experiment by combining different tablerunners with different tablecloths until you've found the style you're looking for.

    The perfect foundation for a gorgeously laid table

    Tablerunners are a good foundation for the rest of a laid table. Make a tablerunner the foundation of your laid table to give everything a consistent look. For example, if you choose a tablerunner with a rustic style, you can go with the same theme for other things, such as flowers, porcelain, glass and more. It also looks good if you combine a rustic feeling with, for example, a graceful or romantic style. You can combine different decorative details freely, depending on whether you like to mix different styles that complement each other, or whether you prefer to have exactly the same style for everything.

    Different materials – different feelings

    Everybody knows that different materials give different feelings to a table. For example, you could choose a tablerunner made from jute or cotton to create different styles and feelings. Cotton feels a little "lighter" and airier, while jute gives a more "raw" feeling. One thing to think of when decorating your table with a tablerunner is that it can match the kind of food that is going to be served. A more advanced level of interior design, but still cool, right?

    A quick route to elegance!

    It's great to be able to spruce up your laid table quickly and easily, and that's exactly what you can do with a tablerunner. An elegant feeling is always nice, and the fact that you only need to throw a tablerunner over the table to make things feel more luxurious means that sprucing up your dining table can be done quickly!

    Fashionable Scandinavian design

    Living in the UK, just a stone's throw away from Scandinavia, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to attractive decorative details for a good price. The stylistically simple and typical Scandinavian decor is included in every product here, so you don't need to burn a hole in your wallet if you just want a quick fix – or, indeed, if you're looking for a quick way to make your table look good. Choose among our attractive tablerunners to find the one that's right for you and the table look you're after. Don't forget that if you're having trouble choosing, you can always go for two in different colours!