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Placemats are a simply way to protect your table whilst making your table setting look even nicer. Placemats are an alternative to a tablecloth but they can even be used on top of a tablecloth for an extra creative table setting. Placemats protect your table from scratches and stains as well as dampening the sound of cutlery clattering. We have placemats in all kinds of different materials such as cotton, polyester, jute and linen which are available in rectangular as well as round shapes. Come on and check out our selection of placemats!

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    Showing 44 products
    Showing 44 products

    Placemats – a soft and cosy look

    Placemats add a soft and cosy touch to any table, giving daily life that little bit of luxury when sat at the dining table. In our range of placemats, you can easily find the one for you, since we've got loads of colours to choose from. Do you want to go for light pink, or maybe you're looking for placemats in black? Or what about a rustic feeling, with the help of jute? Whatever you feel like, you'll find the right placemat with us. Want to match your placemats with the other items in your tableware? Do you prefer a livelier style with different colours? All you need to do is choose – we've got something for all tastes!

    With or without tablecloth?

    What kind of impression do you want to give, and what kind of style is the most comfortable for you? Is it a laid table with lots of textiles, or do you think it's nice to have a more pared-back table? If you like the latter, then you'll think it looks best if you just use placemats when eating. That way, the table is kept fresh and not covered with unnecessary clutter. If, instead, like the former, then you'll want all of a tablecloth, tablerunner, napkins and placemats. There are no rules about how a laid table has to look – it's up to you!

    Suits both parties and weekday meals!

    You can have placemats in lots of different styles, so that you've got some for weekday meals and some for more festive occasions. Then, all you need to do is get out the placemats you think work best on any given day and meal. Will you choose the "fancier" placemats on a weekday, to spice life up a bit, or will you choose your normal placemats for a party? If you've got different kinds at home, you can switch between the different styles whenever you feel like it.

    Add extra fashion to your table!

    If you buy some truly scorchingly hot placemats, your laid table will look even more fashionable! For example, why not choose batik or another kind of delicate pattern, to give your textiles an extra boost? Whether you like cool shapes, or whether you're more into colours, there's a good chance you can find the right product for you in our large range of placemats. Laying the table with trendy materials is great fun – it'll put you in high spirits during dinner!

    Exciting shapes

    A placemat doesn't necessarily have to be round or rectangular. There are lots of exciting shapes to choose from. When it comes to laying the table, as well as interior design in general, it's important not to get stuck in old ways. It's a lot more fun to think outside the box and go for something more unusual. In other words, a more dynamic laid table makes you happy. It's boring when everything on a dining table is proper and square, right?

    Which colour is for you?

    Whether it's about something trivial like placemats, or something important like the walls of a room, colour plays a crucial role in what we do and don't like. Take a look around and see if the colour you're after is available. If you don't find exactly the right one, you can be sure that there placemats in a similar colour.

    Create a personal look at your dining table

    Laying the table in a way that shows off your personality is sure to be appreciated by all dinner guests. It's always fun when there's an unexpected aspect of a laid table. The choice of placemats can be one such aspect. Even better, it's not too expensive to buy new placemats. This kind of small purchase does a lot to create the right atmosphere. Fantastic, right?

    Protects against spills and scratches

    If you don't use a tablecloth, and just have placemats, then you still have a protection against scratches and spills. If you've got a table that you're fond of and want to keep in tip-top condition, then a tablecloth is a good idea. But for smaller occasions, such as dinner with the family, placemats can provide sufficient protection. They also make it easy to clear the table after a meal. It's easy to wipe away the scraps that have fallen onto the placemat. How convenient!